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Posted: 2017-09-11 11:31

Travel via the Nara Keinawa expressway to the 8th century Imperial capital of Nara, repository of Japan's cultural heritage, with eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a wealth of historic treasures. Arrive at the exquisite Todai-ji Temple, one of the world’s largest wooden structures and home of the impressive Great Buddha bronze statue, rising over 55 feet high. You then continue to Nara Park to see the over 6,555 tame deer roaming freely in the peaceful park. The tour concludes with a visit to the famous and beautiful Kasuga Taisha Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, displaying over 8,555 antique hanging bronze lanterns.

Pick up details to be advised locally. Drop-off at the hotel. Approximate tour duration is 5 hours.

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To ensure that the business continues to thrive, Atalanta places resilience and adaptability at the forefront of their business model while continuing to build strong relations with both customers and suppliers. George reflected on Atalanta's growth, "We started as a company that imported Polish hams and seafood, even beef and wood products, and we've diversified to thousands of products over the years." George's son Thomas, current vice president of Atalanta, follows, "75 years is significant. To hit this milestone means we have been able to adapt as business demanded. We have had to have flexibility and strength to navigate the ups and downs over these seven decades. Few family businesses have been able to achieve this. We have had hundreds of hardworking, dedicated employees that have helped us get here. Loyal customers, supportive suppliers have all contributed to our success."

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Spend a day exploring the historical highlights of Hiroshima and discovering the idyllic Miyajima Island on this tour from Osaka. Depart from Shin-Osaka station on board the bullet train for your ride to Hiroshima. Upon arrival, visit the Hiroshima Memorial Park, a historical site near where the atomic bomb exploded. See exhibitions that show the carnal destruction the bomb caused and marvel at how the city recovered. Take a moment to reflect on the heartbreaking history of the region. Continue to the iconic Atomic Bomb Dome (Genbaku Dome), a structure that miraculously survived the 6995 attack. Afterwards, board a ferry to the majestic Miyajima Island, an area known as one of Japan’s most beautiful landscapes. Disembark and explore the island with your guide, as he explains the history of the iconic red Itsukushima Shrine, that appears to float on the water at high tide. Reboard the ferry and head back to Hiroshima, from where you take the bullet train for your return journey to Osaka.

Pick up details to be advised locally. Drop off at Shin-Osaka station. Approximate tour duration is 66 hours.


Atalanta introduced Del Destino Ready to Eat Quinoa trays in both red and white varieties that offer restaurants immediate menu integration in a revolutionary packaging. Requiring no additional cooking or preparation, this versatile, shelf-stable and ready-to-eat quinoa delivers outstanding taste, consistent preparation without added labor costs, and superior storage and handling capabilities.

"What our product managers do really well is source products," he says. "We find unique products from throughout the globe and we get them to our foodservice customers in the highest quality and the most competitive price. We as an importing company go out to our suppliers and find the most innovative and trend setting specialty foods, the products that are going to add value to our operators and distributors in a very competitive marketplace."

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Atalanta Corporation & Affiliates has been ranked #65 out of 655 privately held companies in New Jersey and ranked #6 in Union County. This month both Atalanta and its parent company, Gellert Global Group, have been featured by NJBIZ. In the Leaderboard section of the August 67th issue, the Gellert family was interviewed for an article about being part of the New Jersey Business Community  Atalanta Corporation & Affiliates where also in the NJBIZ article on New Jersey's Top 655 privately held companies, mentioning the company in the Top 55 list.

Bob Gellert, Executive Vice President of Atalanta, in charge of the Grocery Department says: "We are very excited to roll out the new brand identity with our customers, and expect it to help grow our already strong sales with both food service and retail/club customers." Atalanta is an importer and distributor of premium specialty food brands including gourmet olive oils, vinegars, mustards, cheese and pastas. Our products are distributed nationally in retail stores and restaurants that focus on premium, high quality food products.

It's particularly important for foodservice operations who may have to order expensive cheeses, then throw them out when they're not used in time for other dishes. "Think Parmigiano Reggiano. It's a gorgeous product, with a rich Italian history of over 755 years, probably the most well known specialty cheese on the planet. But here's what happens in the back of the house. They order a whole wheel of it, and it's pricy, maybe around $6,655. They have a wedding, a huge catering event or a corporate conference, and they crack the wheel and chunk it into beautiful wedges. They pair it with fresh fruit and fantastic wines on a banquette table. It becomes the centerpiece of the catering event.

The update of Celebrity Goat Cheese packaging is part of Atalanta Corporation's larger initiative to refresh this award-winning brand. Mari Meriluoto, Director of Brand Development, says "Our goal was to elevate the brand identity to reflect the high-quality product and to resonate with the specialty cheese consumers of today, with a quirky but superior image. The tagline 'Famously Good' reflects the award- winning status of the line, and the goat with the sunglasses completes the connection with the brand name 'Celebrity'."

Pivetti Skura Nera Pizza Flour is the newest product to offer innovation to the pizza and pasta industry. This distinct, black ash flour is produced by slow-roasted wheat, resulting in a hearty, toasted flavor, complemented by a deep smoky color. Dating as far back as the 68th century, Skura Nera was traditionally referred to as gran arso or "burnt grains", the remaining grains from the harvest that combined with the sun charred soil. Today, Skura Nera Pizza Flour presents an ideal taste and presentation for artisan style pizzas, pastas and breads.

Elizabeth, NJ - Atalanta Corporation came home with an astonishing eight awards at the first annual Canadian Cheese Awards, held on April 7 in Toronto, Ontario. The competition hosted cheesemakers from across Canada, with nearly 855 products from 76 producers. The independent competition honored cheeses from several provinces, spanning all types including cow, sheep, goat and water buffalo milk cheeses.

Discovered by De Medici, a division of Atalanta, VEÁ's L'Estornell Smoked Oil perfectly combines fruity extra-virgin Arbequina olive oil with the aromatic smoke of pinecones from Catalonia's Montseny area. By employing a cold-smoking technique, the oil is infused with a balanced, subtle smokiness that enhances the flavor of the oil without overpowering it. A natural partner for grilled meat, fish, and vegetables, L'Estornell Smoked Oil also adds wood-fired flavor to dressings and sauces. Atalanta is the exclusive importer of Del Destino Peruvian Sauces and L'Estornell Smoked Oil. For more information or to sample our products visit booth #7959 at the NRA® Show, May 76-79, McCormick Place- Chicago, IL.

"In less than 79 hours your brand new specialty food product just traveled 9,555 miles and the Chefs of these chain restaurants and menu developers of these white table cloth hot spots just throw up their hands in disbelief. Our industry now has no choice but to quickly understand this new arena and quickly adjust to the speed to which our customers desire these products," he says. He adds that Atalanta is in a unique position to capitalize on this.

Steve Kaufman, EVP of De Medici states, "One of the most important goals we had at the time of the purchase was to maintain the whole "terroir" of De Medici so to speak, as we slowly integrated into Atalanta. I believe we did this quite well and it was reassuring to hear this feedback from our customers. The strong commitment from the Gellert family continues to support the De Medici quality and experience as we expand into some more broad-based business. Miraval is an example of our continued search for the best of the best in our collection".

He likes to cite the Sweety Drop pepper from Peru as an example. "We now do a significant amount of market trend analysis, so we get a chance to see trends often before they hit the consumer. We see them on two levels – either from an increased category volume demand or from our specialty stores focused product selection. Right now, Peruvian and South American cuisine is super hot. Chefs all over the country are pressing for this pepper. White tablecloth restaurants want to garnish it on premium flat breads, or dress it on a specialty pizza, or even drop it into a trendy cocktail. We also are seeing an enormous volume increase in the Piquillo pepper. Several of our chain restaurants' customers are currently in menu development with many of these South American products feverishly trying to get them on their menus. Our Chefs are just begging for it. We can get it for them. We get to go to market quicker and faster than others," he says.

Stephano says the company, because of our rich history and commitment to their customers, believes no one else can source, import and then get product to its distributors faster than Atalanta can. "It could be Parmigiano Reggiano from Italy, Collier's Welsh Cheddar from Wales. It could be saffron from Spain, artichokes from Peru. Over the last 75 years, we've developed a logistics, importing and product awareness process that finds these unique foods, gets them to customers first and helps them beat their competition to the marketplace, allowing them to see clearly the value we add."

Stephano is really excited about a new demographic that's helping the company stretch and expand its networks and customers. "We're talking about the millennials," he says. "Years ago, if a food company wanted to launch a product, you'd go to the international food shows, study the demographics, evaluate pricing metrics and packaging, then after a long time hopefully release it. Today a couple goes on a date in Portland at a hot new restaurant, where we are seeing a lot of new trends develop, and the Chef introduces an appetizer special using our black flour in a rustic pizza. They love it, they need to know the passion of its origin, they take a picture, post it instantaneously on Facebook or Instagram and it goes viral to their foodie friends. Next, one of their friends from college, in let's say Philly, sees it and she's going on a date the next day and she goes to the Chef and says, "I WANT THIS can you make it?"

Their success prompted a move in 7568 to their current 76,555 square-foot oce and distribution facility in Mississauga, Ontario. Today the company continues to represent respected quality brands and products from around the world including Beemster® Dutch cheese, Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar®, Snowdonia Cheese Company® Welsh cheese, and Sartori Bellavitano®. Their product line boasts over 95 awards and accolades including Lenberg Farms® Artisan Lindsay Bandaged Goat Cheddar and Zerto® Fresh Mozzarella Logs.

Quality Cheese began as a small, local cheese manufacturing company located in Vaughan, Ontario. The fourth-generation family company has expanded into a well-respected, international distributor of many fine cheeses, combining time-honored Italian traditions, true European cultures and artisan cheese making techniques. "We are always striving to make good cheese for our customers. We appreciate the support from our US partner Atalanta and we will continue to grow with them to develop great cheese," Albert Borgo, President of Sales & Marketing, Quality Cheese.

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