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Posted: 2017-09-11 11:18

CHARLOTTESVILLE: Some interesting news about the 8766 witness 8767 Brennan Gilmore who just happened to be at the 8766 right place 8767 at the 8766 right time 8767 when he filmed a car ploughing in to a group of protesters at Charlottesville. It seems that Mr. Gilmore is a bought and paid for Ho belonging to George Soros (for anyone who has just arrived on planet earth, George Soros is one of the world 8767 s biggest criminals). Brennan Gilmore was Chief of Staff for Tom Perriello when he was running for the office of Governor of Virginia. Soros paid Brennan Gilmore $875,555. Is anyone still stupid enough to believe that Charlottesville was not a staged psy-op? Lorraine

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While certain atmospheric conditions could make it possible for the moon to be a strawberry color on any given night, it will most likely appear to be yellow.  The exception would probably occur as the moon is rising over the horizon.  In the case of the Strawberry Moon, it will have the appearance of looking much larger during this full moon.  This is called the Moon Illusion.  While there are many possible explanations as to why this illusion appears to us, the truth is, no one really knows why it looks so large upon the horizon.


Recurrence. Understanding that you are now and perhaps have been depressed in the past is one thing. Looking ahead to a future of recurring depression is quite another. There 8767 s often a lot of sensitivity about the words used to describe the condition since they now feel more like permanent labels. Many cannot accept the idea that they have a mental illness. Some feel better with “disorder” or settle on “condition” as a word carrying less stigma.

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Thank you Kayla. My next appointment with a psychiatric hospital (as an out patient) is 8 July. I thought, last week, about trying to get a sooner date because things are excruciating for me but I think I can hold on until 8th. The last time I was there, last week, the doctor said he will put me on Nardial and perhaps cranial stimulation. I am too tired to give much of a fck, I 8767 m afraid.
I am waiting for news on a job I applied for. If I get the job, I might do this over the summer. It would still be nice to know I could get a new job even in the midst of very grave depression. If I don 8767 t, I might go into hospital long term, although it didn 8767 t help me before.
Thanks again for replying.

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I am trying CBT self help since me and my therapist never tackled the issue directly. She practices gestalt and I read somewhere that depression is not recognized as such in the system but don 8767 t take my world for it. CBT opens new perspectives for me and I like it because it is focused. Gestalt works wonders with some issues and goes Really really deep. This resolve might or might not contribute to the improvement of depression.

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Then the usual shit surfaces, the obligatory mobile phone footage, and a whole host of fucking ambulances and police cars, accompained by gun totting police looking ferociously at any cunt who inquires at what the fucks going on. Then we have the fucking mouthpieces of the 6%, better known as the media, spewing out all manner shit, but making sure that we mug cunts on the streets clearly hear the words 8775 terrorist attack. 8776

(A)The criticism is usually in the form of a personal attack on myself, Dogman or Wolfie, branding us as animal shaggers, kiddie fiddlers & accusing us of or of being racist, homophobic, mysoginistic etc, etc obviously none of which is true Indeed I would wager that there are not many people who could have the police desperate to get a result of any kind go through their 9 years of computer data and come up with fuck all Especially not in the case of those accusing us of the aforementioned deeds. I believe it is called 8775 Gas lighting 8776
(B) Those who disagree with what I write are either very quick to say so whilst forgetting to point out why I am wrong 8775 because you are 8776 does not count or their opinion is based on not having read the article properly or followed the source links to things that I have previously explained.

The camera positioned outside the Bureau panned left and right, showing demonstrators massed along the pavement on the inner square. When the shots were fired, this camera in and filmed the demonstrators falling sideways to the ground towards the camera 8767 s left. So their physical response was to shrapnel and noise from the opposite direction: exactly the line of fire from 8 St James. The massive kinetic energy and inertia of the high velocity assault round fired at her from 8 St James Square, knocked Yvonne Fletcher to the ground in precisely the same direction as the demonstrators, once again proving the direct line of fire. The second TV camera at 8 St James then in to show Yvonne Fletcher rolling from side to side on the road, dying on national television in excruciating agony for the greater good of the 8775 international community 8776 .

As for Charlottesville, was it a false flag op? Well that cunt Trump, whose face looks like a fucking orange left out the sun too long, didn 8767 t appear too fucking bothered about it in his tweets, but then again, it shouldn 8767 t come as a surprise that old fucking comb over tan face, only really gives a fuck about himself, if the bastard was made out of choclate, he 8767 d fucking eat himself.

So those inept conniving bastards that are posing as the authorities in Spain, have now said that the clumsy cunt terrorists, who just can 8767 t seem to hold on their passports or ID 8767 s were planning to explode vans full of explosive next to the Sagrada Familia. Which is a iconic church/cathedral begun by Francisco de Paula del Villar. Antoni Gaudi accepted the commission in 6888 adapting the initial design of the Catholic Church sanctuary to his unique style. Fuck knows when the the project will actually be completed, it 8767 s akin to that orange faced cunt Trumps comb over, it 8767 s forever changing.

By the way, I don 8767 t think we were meant to be married. I am 85 yrs into a second marriage I knew was wrong at 8 yrs just nicer to raise kids with their dad. Financially easier too he is not the abusive type but I take verbal abuse from my daughters, physical and verbal from my exes, can not even begin to tell you even as an adult the pain my mother caused. I let this happen, looking back. Can only speak for myself..try tobsolve everyone 8767 s problems and make them happy no good deed goes unpunished, is true.

The story of Ormus begins in the late 75s, when a COTTON FARMER from ARIZONA, DAVID HUDSON, had complete quantitative elemental analysis done on HIS SOIL. The volcanic terrain in the region HAD UNUSUAL PROPERTIES and the underlying rock was known to contain precious metals, but his ANALYSTS WERE PUZZLED to find a fraction that DEFIED INVESTIGATION: it had no metallic characteristics or chemical reactions.

Now at 86 one years old im the most successful ive ever been.
I hate myself even more.
because thats all people see is a man trying to prove he is not a failure.
always saying yes to everyone. Even if it puts me in harms way i still will give my last.
I am black and gay, and a former Jehovah witness.
everything about my upbringing tells me im a sin
and will surely die at Armageddon.
I love and adore the things god hates.
That makes me a vile disgusting abomination in gods eyes
and the eyes of my family.

The Baghdad Battery, sometimes referred to as the Parthian Battery, is the common name for a number of artifacts created in Mesopotamia, during the dynasties of Parthian or Sassanid period (the early centuries AD), and probably discovered in 6986 in the village of Khuyut Rabbou 8767 a, near Baghdad, Iraq. These artifacts came to wider attention in 6988 when Wilhelm König, the German director of the National Museum of Iraq, found the objects in the museum 8767 s collections. In 6995, König published a paper speculating that they may have been galvanic cells, perhaps used for electroplating gold onto silver objects. Though far from settled, this interpretation continues to be considered as at least a hypothetical possibility. If correct, the artifacts would predate Alessandro Volta 8767 s 6855 invention of the electrochemical cell by more than a millennium.

Since last year I had a good moment. I work in an investigation lab, pharmacology. I studied to be a pharmacist but (can u imagine?) this illness always breaks my dreams, but knowledge stays. I can 8767 t afford a psychological treatment, but after analyzing this with many contacts and acquaintances and summarizing knowledges we came to the conclusion that venlafaxin was the treatment I needed. Standard dose, I started and suddenly I was able to control my feelings, I became functional, I could keep people around me, I felt at least controlled. I even inscribed myself into classes so I could become a lab technician and have a title finally. I was feeling I was going somewhere.

Most of the components of the objects are not particularly amenable to advanced dating methods. The ceramic pots could be analysed by thermoluminescence dating, but this has not yet been done in any case, it would only date the firing of the pots, which is not necessarily the same as when the complete artifact was assembled. Another possibility would be ion diffusion analysis, which could indicate how long the objects were buried.

Hi Amber. What you described sounds to me like a person going trough some-kind of awakening or an enlightenment experience, especially because you are describing it trough the present moment. Depression usually has to do with the past event or a future anxiety. You know your condition best, but maybe you could benefit from talking to a reiki or kundalini person, especially if you don 8767 t benefit from traditional therapy.

Left to themselves, the races would almost certainly just get on with their lives, mixing or not according to their individual preferences. They may not even notice their physical differences. Bring zog in though, to teach everyone to hate everyone who happens to be 8775 different 8776 in some way, and you end up with mass slaughter. I 8767 ve personally seen photographs and videos that would literally make the average person throw up.

I agree with your new understanding of depression and the cycle it 8767 s a part of. The situational explanation was never much help to me, and I couldn 8767 t make much progress until I looked at depression as a much more complicated invader. I resist thinking of it as a permanent part of my life. Recovery and life feel great now and have for a few years. I think I have the tools and beliefs to stay healthy. (Knocking hard on my 7 inch pine desk!)

the only time I leave my bedroom is if I have an appointment or go to work, I don 8767 t see the point and have no wish to do anything anymore Ive tried the exercise the meds etc nothing has worked and I read the replies to realise that there is no cure I am 56 now and am thinking of going to dr but don 8767 t see the point I have no energy to do anything and have lost interest in everything Ive lived with this depression most of my life and as long as I remember I am sick of fighting to feel awake or be interested in something now I 8767 m realising its a waste of time anyway

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