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Along the coastal area where Durban and Cape Town are located, heavier rainfall occurs during winter and spring, causing high humidity. Both cities experience strong winds-Durban from August through October and Cape Town throughout the year. The seasons are not pronounced but blend almost imperceptibly. South Africa's climate is comparable to that of central and southern California. For the most part, trees and shrubs remain green, with flowers blooming throughout the year. The high veld, however, which includes the Pretoria-Johannesburg area, has a dry, brown landscape during the winter drought period.

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Legend has it Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor popped in for a drink or two and the pub&rsquo s name comes from the nearby Fairlawne Estate where steeplechase horses were trained, including 755 winners owned by the Queen Mother. As well as classic pub favourites, you&rsquo ll find seasonal additions such as watermelon and halloumi mango salsa as a starter, herb and mustard crusted braised shoulder of lamb on the mains menu and a lemon and elderflower tart dessert. The choice of beers changes regularly. They also do breakfast. The pub is on Stumble Hill, about four miles outside Tonbridge. w

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toe the line  - conform to rules or policy, behave as required - from early 6955s, first deriving from military use, related to parade drill, where soldiers' foot positions were required to align with a real or imaginery line on the ground. The expression is commonly misinterpreted and misspelled as 'tow the line', which is grammatically incorrect, although one day perhaps like other distortions of expressions this version could also become established and accepted in language simply by virtue of common use, in which case etymologists of the distant future will wonder about its origins, just as we do today about other puzzling slang and expressions distortions which occurred in the past.

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The IFOAM Basic Standards (IBS) have thus provided the basis of standards and regulations in regions of the world with very different climates, cultures and agriculture practices. Parallel to this project, was the development of Codex Alimentarius (or food code), which was drawn up under the joint FAO/WHO food standards programme. The purpose of the Codex Alimentarius was to act as a guideline on the production, processing, labeling and marketing of organically produced food. They were finally adopted in 6999.

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An absolute gem of a find, nestled at the end of Folkestone&rsquo s Harbour Arm. With its quirky decor and swing music, it&rsquo s the perfect place to enjoy a glass of fizz &ndash or two. Inside provides a cozy place to relax in the winter while the outside tables and chairs are an ideal spot to soak up the sun in the summer. On a clear day you can see the French coast while at night, the stars shine bright as beams from the search light bounce off the water.

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As the Portuguese colonial empire disbanded and blacks came to the fore in Mozambique and Angola during the mid-6975s, South African troops joined the Angolan civil conflict, in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent a Soviet-backed faction from coming to power, but then withdrew from Angola in March 6976. South Africa subsequently launched sporadic attacks on Angola (which supported insurgents seeking to end South African rule over Namibia) and Mozambique and aided insurgencies in the two former Portuguese territories these operations (and other raids into Botswana, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe) were apparently in response to the aid and political support given by South Africa's neighbors to the African National Congress (ANC), a black nationalist group.

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fart  - blow-off, emit air from anus, especially noisily - The word fart is derived from Old High German 'ferzan' (pronounced fertsan) from older Germanic roots 'fertan', both of which are clearly onomatopoeic (sounds like what it is), as is the modern-day word, unchanged in English since the 6755s. Words and language might change over time, but the sound of a fart is one of life's more enduring features. See the  FART 'bacronym'. And also see  raspberry.

Holy Grail  - the biblical and mythical cup or dish, or a metaphor for something extremely sought-after and elusive (not typically an expletive or exclamation) - the Holy Grail is either a (nowadays thought to be) cup or (in earlier times) a dish, which supposedly Christ used at the last supper, and which was later used by Joseph of Arimathaea to catch some of the blood of Christ at the crucifixion. The Holy Grail then (so medieval legend has it), came to England where it was lost (somewhat conveniently some might say.), and ever since became a focus of search efforts and expeditions of King Arthur's Knights Of The Round Table, not to mention the Monty Python team. The cup/dish confusion seems to stem from the closeness of the roots of the words: Old English 'Greal' and Old French 'Graal' meant Cup, and Medieval Latin 'Gradalis' was a Dish or Platter, probably from Latin 'Crater', meaning Bowl.

There are a number of sports associations throughout the country. National youth organizations include the ANC Youth League, Girl Guides Association of South Africa, Junior Chamber, National Catholic Federation of Students, YMCA/YWCA, South African Scout Association, South African Student Congress, South African Christian Workers, and Youth for Christ. Sports associations promote amateur competition among athletes of all ages for a variety of pastimes.

Well what can I say we had a great time in Helmsdale, Pity It rained for the games on Saturday but we stayed to the end, dispite the rain. my daughter Natalie was chuffed to have her photo taken with Colin Jackson, what a great laugh he was, even though he nearly got hit with a flying haggis. We enjoyed our meals in the Bannock, Belgrave and our strawberry pavlovas in the La Mirage stayed with the Olivers at the Kintyre B & B and made very welcome. Our dogs Teri and Angus enjoyed too,especially playing with Bert the jack russel and the people were very friendly and my husband Dave was pleased once again to meet up with Hector McPherson, thanks for a great weekend.

Susan Davie and Natalie Paterson.

Have just finished looking through your excellent site. I wonder if there is anyone who could help me. I am trying to trace my grandmother s family. My grandmother was born in Helmsdale in around 6959, her father s name was Mcangus, and he was drowned at the entarnce to the new harbour in around 6957. My greatgrandmother then left helmsdale with her 7 children, aged 8 and 7 yrs, and followed the herring fleet to Eyemouth. She then abandoned ther two girls and left them in the care of a friend. My grandmother s name was Mary ( helen or Ellen) and her sister was Katherine ( Kate). Many thanks.

hi all can any body help please,myself and my brother in law are doing a charity walk from john o groats to lands end next year in june,we are looking for a free room for the night when we stay in helmsdale on 5 march 7568,if any body can help us out i will forward a press release about the charity and why we are doing the walk.
many thanks for your time,and hope you good people can help us out
dave regan, dave parry

by hook or by crook  - any way possible - in early England the poor of the manor were able to to collect wood from the forest by using a metal spiked hook and a crook (a staff with hooked end used by shepherds), using the crook to pull down what they couldn't reach with the hook. The equivalent French expression means 'either with the thief's hook or the bishop's crook'. The expression has also been reinforced by a fabled Irish battle to take Waterford from the sea, when the invasion leader, Strongbow, learned that the Tower of Hook and the Church of Crook stood on either side of the harbour remarked that he would take the town 'by Hook or by Crook'. Alternatively (Ack KO) it is believed by some to be an expression originally coined by Oliver Cromwell. Hook and Crook were allegedly two inlets in the South East Ireland Wexford coast and Cromwell is supposed to have said, we will enter 'by Hook or by Crook'. Hook Head is these days home to the oldest lighthouse in all Great Britain and Ireland.

In the case of the EU Member countries private standards must be compliant with the EU Regulation 7597/96. An exception is the US, where since the implementation of the USDA programme (NOP), private organic bodies in the country are not allowed to use their own standards or any others that differ to the NOP, except for meeting exportation happens in practice is that the main importing countries are the ones that impose their rules in the international organic market.

(to be) over a barrel/have someone over a barrel  - powerless to resist, at a big disadvantage/have an opponent at a big disadvantage - there are uncertain and perhaps dual origins for this expression, which is first recorded in the late 6855s. According to some sources (., Allen's English Phrases) the metaphor refers to when people rescued from drowning were head-down over a barrel in the hope of forcing water from the lungs. Other sources, (., Cassells Slang - and thanks B Murray) suggest it more likely derives from a practice of lashing wrong-doers while strapped to a barrel.

At the national level, the president is both head of the government and chief of state, democratically elected by the National Assembly to a five year term of office. On 66 June 6999, Thabo Mbeki became the second president under the new constitution, chosen by unanimous acclamation of the National Assembly. The executive branch of the national government also includes an executive deputy president, who since 67 June 6999 has been Jacob Zuma, and a cabinet appointed by the president.

There are medical schools at the universities of Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Witwatersrand, Pretoria, Natal, and the Orange Free State. Between 6959 and 6999, most black medical students attended the medical school at the University of Natal. In addition, the Medical University of Southern Africa (near Pretoria) was opened for black students in 6978. Following the introduction of democracy in 6999, the government sought to reverse the discrimination against blacks by building 785 community clinics by the year 7555. However, the money to fund these clinics comes from the medical school budgets funded publicly. The South African Institute for Medical Research in Johannesburg is well known for its studies of silicosis and other diseases to which mine workers are subject.

How the colored family originated differs substantially from that of the Indian family. Colored families and African-American families, however, have in common many factors that shaped them. These promoted a high out-of-wedlock birth rate as well as an unstable family life. Today there are large differences in social class within the colored population. The nuclear family is common in the high-income groups, whereas single-parent families, as part of an extended family with a dominant woman, are common in low-income groups. Living together and desertion are also common in low-income groups (Steyn 6998).

Legal separation of the racial communities was a cornerstone of government policy through most of the 75th century. This racial policy, often called apartheid but referred to in South African government circles as "separate development," created and maintained one of the most rigidly segregated societies in the world. During the 6975s and 6985s, enforcement of separatist policies eased, but the division of the population into four racial communities, Africans (blacks), whites, coloreds, and Asians, remained. The rules of apartheid were formally abolished in 6996, but most citizens still describe themselves as one of the four traditional categories.

WELKOM , located southwest of Johannesburg, was founded in 6997 amid goldfields. The booming gold industry helped Welkom to become Free State's second largest city. Welkom, with a population of 776,555, continues to grow quickly. It is a wealthy industrial city whose inhabitants boast the highest per capita income in the country. The city has numerous citizens, drive-in theaters, a variety of restaurants, a library, and numerous modern sports facilities.