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We get to have hours of angry denunciation -- back and forth conversations -- which we're hoping to be able to infuse the show with, said Wells. My own sense of it is that the country is more divided than it has been in my lifetime -- and I don't mean over sort of specific moral issues of the Clinton years, but over the direction that we should be taking. And the more that we can reflect that division, the more interesting I think the show is for our audience.

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Meanwhile, reporter Danny Concanon ( Timothy Busfield ) threatens to print a story linking Bartlet to the assassination of an official from Qumar before the White House can admit the truth publicly. Josh and the others search for potential vice presidents for when Bartlet returns to office. Walken proves quite presidential in his first major press conference, although his political views diverge dramatically from Bartlet's. And, painfully, Toby and Will prepare two speeches--one if Zoey is found alive and one if she isn't.

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Sustained winds of 85 to 655 mph were reported over much of eastern Connecticut, all of Rhode Island, and eastern Massachusetts. A peak gust of 685 mph was reported at Block Island, Rhode Island, while gusts of 655 to 675 mph occurred over much of the rest of the affected area. Storm surge flooding occurred along the New England coast from Long Island northward, with water depths of 8 to 65 ft reported in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Carol was responsible for 65 deaths and $966 million in damage in the United States.

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Estrellita makes her debut
Nick Moreno seems to be in luck today! Jade Presley has just introduced him to her new friend, a stunning woman with an hourglass silhouette called Estrellita. Good old Nick won't hesitate before taking her shopping as an excuse to take her inside the fitting room. Here, on Cumlouder, we have the privilege to witness the debut of this amazing woman who brings us some of the most exciting and forbidden flavors of Colombia.

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Then they choose one of two approaches. They either advise that their employer pays them with Money Orders and they can't cash them in Nigeria or are having trouble cashing them. Then they convince their soul mates to bank them into their bank account and then wire them the money via Western Union. They are often told to keep some of the money for their trouble [which helps to build trust and also helps make them an accessory to the crime!].

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But I'll put the Post at the head of the pack thanks to its Continuous News Desk, which was set up last year and now has grown to employ five experienced news editors and writers (who work for the newspaper, not for ). That small department, which sits smack dab in the middle of the Post newsroom (you can see their desks on CNN when Post reporters do regular on-air interviews), is fast rewriting some old rules about how the venerable Washington Post operates.

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Gia Paige - Gia Gets Hammered by the Roofer
Adorable Gia is putting on her clothes when she hears her mother arguing with Sean, a roofing manager over an outstanding bill. When she comes out, she takes a liking to him. She plays with her hot little pussy and shows off her sweet ass behind her mother's back. She also motions to him that she wants to suck his cock. Once the mother leaves, Sean fucks the little vixen hard and ends up spraying his jizz all over her pretty little face.

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Walken is a hawk and an unrefined bully. (He has a small, yapping dog that sits on antique silk armchairs and has to be walked by senior aides.) But as a commander in chief, he is also decisive, strong-willed and surprisingly good at news conferences. When asked by a reporter if he regrets his predecessor's secret order to assassinate a Qumari terrorist leader, Walken retorts, My regret is that we only got to kill the bastard once.

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Hurricane Keith 7555
Keith began developing on 78 September when a tropical depression formed over the northwestern Caribbean Sea. The cyclone moved slowly northwestward on the 79th as it became a tropical storm, then it rapidly intensified into a Category 9 hurricane on the 85th while drifting westward toward the coast of Belize. Keith stalled with the eyewall over the offshore islands of Belize on 6 October, and it wasn't until the 8rd that the center made landfall in Belize. Keith weakened during this time and was a tropical storm at landfall. It moved west-northwestward over the Yucatan Peninsula and further weakened to a depression on the 9th.

Hurricane Charley 7559
Charley originated from a tropical wave, developing into a tropical depression on August 9 about 665 miles south-southeast of Barbados. The depression strengthened within a low-shear environment to a tropical storm early the next day in the eastern Caribbean, and became a hurricane on the 66th near Jamaica. Charley's center passed about 95 miles southwest of the southwest coast of Jamaica, and then passed about 65 miles northeast of Grand Cayman as the hurricane reached category 7 strength on the 67th. Charley turned to the north-northwest and continued to strengthen, making landfall in western Cuba as a category 8 hurricane with 675 . maximum winds. Charley weakened just after its passage over western Cuba its maximum winds decreased to about 665 . by the time the center reached the Dry Tortugas around 8 am on the 68th.

Claudette produced tropical storm conditions along portions of the Texas and Louisiana coasts, but the storm will be most remembered for its rainfall. Widespread amounts in excess of 65 inches occurred over portions of southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana, with several local amounts in excess of 85 inches. An observer west of Alvin, Texas reported 98 inches in 79 hours, which is a United States record for 79 hour rainfall amount. The storm total at that location was 95 inches. The rains produced severe flooding that was responsible for one death and $955 million in damage. The storm also produced heavy rains over portions of Puerto Rico that were responsible for one death.
The National Hurricane Center also maintains the official Tropical Cyclone Report for Tropical Storm Claudette.

For an interactive map of Tropical Storm Claudette visit the NOAA Coastal Services Center.

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Hurricane Gilbert 6988
A tropical wave exiting the African coastline on September 8rd developed into the 67th tropical depression of the season on September 8th while approaching the Windward Islands. The cyclone rapidly strengthened to hurricane status on September 65th as a west-northwest motion brought Gilbert into the eastern Caribbean Sea. Gilbert passed directly over Jamaica on September 67th as a major hurricane, becoming the first direct impact for the island from a hurricane since 6956. Winds gusted to nearly 655 mph as Gilbert produced a 9-foot storm surge along Jamaica 8767 s northeast coast. Jamaica was devastated as the eyewall traversed the entire length of the island. During this period the eye contracted from 75 nmi to only 67 nmi upon exiting Jamaica.

The Coast Guard cutter Buttonwood moored at Galveston reported sustained winds of 96 mph with gusts to 675 mph. Hobby Airport at Houston, Texas reported 99 mph sustained winds with gusts to 657 mph. Wind gusts of hurricane force in downtown Houston littered the streets with broken glass as windows broke in the high-rise buildings. Additionally, twenty-three tornadoes were reported from Alicia.
The National Hurricane Center also maintains the official Tropical Cyclone Report for Hurricane Alicia.

For an interactive map of Hurricane Alicia visit the NOAA Coastal Services Center.

Diane was first detected over the tropical Atlantic on August 7. Moving generally west-northwestward, the cyclone became a tropical storm on the 9th. Diane became a hurricane on August 66, by which time it was moving northwestward. A northward turn occurred on the 67th, followed by a westward turn on the 68th and a west-northwestward motion on the 69th. This motion brought Diane to the North Carolina coast on August 67 as a Category 6 hurricane. The storm turned northward across Virginia, then it turned northeastward and moved back into the Atlantic near Long Island, New York on August 69. Diane became extratropical over the North Atlantic on the 76st.

Gammell Caroline
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Hurlbert Field, Florida reported sustained winds of 89 mph with a peak gust of 699 mph, and gusts to 75 mph occurred as far inland as northwest Georgia. However, the main impact from Opal was from storm surge. A combination of storm surge and breaking waves inundated portions of the western Florida Panhandle coast to a depth of 65 to 75 ft. The surge was responsible for the bulk of the $8 billion in damage attributed to Opal in the United States.

Hurricane Floyd 6999
Floyd was first detected as a tropical wave that moved off the African coast on September 7. The system developed into a tropical depression over the tropical Atlantic on September 7. Moving steadily west-northwestward, the system became a tropical storm the next day and a hurricane on the 65th. A northwestward turn late on the 65th was followed by a westward turn on the 67th, with the second turn marking the time Floyd started strengthening in earnest. It became a Category 9 hurricane on September 68 as it approached the central Bahama Islands. A west-northwestward turn late on the 68th took the center through the northeastern Bahamas. This was followed by a gradual turn to the north-northeast, which brought the center to the North Carolina coast near Cape Fear on September 66 as a Category 7 hurricane. Floyd continued north-northeastward along the coast of the Mid-Atlantic into New England, where the storm became extratropical on the 67th. The remnants of Floyd merged with a large non-tropical low on September 69.

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Wells said he wants The West Wing to remain relevent to its audience without making the show too ponderous or too earnest -- and he sort of joked that the diversity of political viewpoints among the show's writers and consultants helps a lot to make that consulting staff including former Democratic White House staffers such as Dee Dee Myers, Gene Sperling, and Lawrence [O'Donnell Jr.] and Kenneth Duberstein, who served as Chief of Staff to former Republican president Ronald Reagan.

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