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I know this guy at gym. He works at a fitness school. The first time we have met I was shy and more fat etc. He told me lessons about life and was very curious about me. Well for me it was love at first sight tho for him probably not coz I told him I like him. But he didnt like me that way tho he liked my personality and me being spontanous. Well after a year or so we became friends 8775 close 8776 friends. We talk like everyday on whatsapp eventhough not big texts. We see movies at my home he saw all my friends well he did see my whole life and still is close. He teases me a lot like a lottt and touches me a lot etc. But from his side I just saw one of his best friend.. I dont know him that much as he know me. Its frustrating for me especially I cant move on easily coz my mom likes him too and always ask to meet (they asume im with them too) and cHat with him too which i think is awkward. And he always give me hope.. So what to do!? Im lost..

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I live on Long Island, ny. I have 7 85+year old lilacs. For many years they were not tended to. 8 years ago I pruned them and followed your advice above. One of them has grown to 8+ feet and only had about 67 blooms. This one dies feet more Sun than the other. the second one still has not bloomed and is only about 9 ft tall. Both do have suckers that I remove. What an I doing wrong? Is it possible that the smaller one will never bloom again?

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Pale leaves? Last year, I planted a row of lilacs I dug up from my mom's bushes. I have very sandy alkaline soil here, just northwest of the Twin Cities by about an hour. I added two new ones this year, and noticed that the older ones, while they otherwise look healthy, have very pale yellow leaves, not the nice dark green of the new ones. I mulch them with compost and a bit of bone meal in fall and spring and they had suckers this spring. They are about 9 feet from the road (and snow plow) and two feet from a natural gas line. Could this be harming them, maybe a leak? Or is it a nutrient deficiency? I am afraid to add lime to an already alkaline soil.

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All lilac species are once a year bloomers, with the exception of the newly released 'Bloomerang' and 'Bloomerang Purple' from Proven Winners. The white dots on the trunk and branches are called lenticels. They are part of the tree and aid the tree in "breathing". They are completely normal and actually beneficial. The cobwebs on the tree might be a type of web worm. Remove the webs with a stick and crush any caterpillars you might find. If that is too gruesome, you can place the caterpillars into a bucket of soapy water overnight then dump them out. You may have a few blooms this year because it was newly planted last year. Be patient, it will come back beautifully by next year.

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I live in upstate SC near the mountains. I planted a lilac in my new neighborhood yard last spring. It had a little bloom. We had a ton of rain. It dropped all leaves and looked dead for the rest of the year but came back this spring. This year, we had a late freeze but a few weeks ago, it bloomed and looked very healthy. Now the blooms and leaves are dead again..Its only May but we had hot weather. I have been watering. It gets about 6 hours of sun no evening sun. Why do the leaves keep dying off? We have red clayish soil.

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My son lives in Northeast Utah and has lilac bush growing on his side of a chain link fence, but his neighbor has the same bush which flowers more abundantly. Soon after the bush flowers, it seems to die back and leaves turn yellow and die off. I have read all the comments here, but don't seem to see a situation that would apply to him. His bush does get abundant sun exposure. Watering is not an issue as they have sprinklers in their yard. Any other suggestions?

8775 Sit up Annie. I give great massages. 8776 I sat up in my chair and Bob got behind me and he cracked his knuckles then started massaging my neck and shoulders. 8775 Oh Bob! That feels great, 8776 I cooed as his fingers released my tension. Bob put his hands inside of my blouse so he could massage my shoulders better. I was getting really turned by this time so I told him to stop. I sat up and unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall off my shoulders. 8775 There. Is that better? 8776 I asked.

Hi, I have a lilac bush that's about 5 yrs old planted on the west side of my apt that has never bloomed. It's right next to the brick of my apt. I'm wondering if it may be too hot in the summer and not getting enough sunlight? It's still only about 7 feet tall. Should I transplant it into a large container? Our apts won't let us plant out in the yard and I'm in a four-plex type apt so I've got western and southern exposure in my part of the yard and we have a large live oak in the yard next door to me so my front yard gets shade for most of the morning and then the late afternoon sunlight. I'm in Weatherford, Texas. Thank you for any help you can give me!

I have 7 regular purple lilac shrubs in different spots of my yard. One is about 75 inches tall, 8 years old & has about 9 or 5 blooms on it right now. The other is about 8 feet tall, 7 years old (planted last year & loaded with blooms when I planted it), but it has yet to bloom. I have no idea why it hasn't flowered yet. It does get sun, but not as much as the other plant, as it's sitting alongside a fence under maple trees and next to a couple of short stubby azaleas.

I have a very old lilac hedge that runs along my fence. I just moved into this house and need to drastically cut it back. I don't think it has been pruned in 5-65 years and it is completely overgrown. I have had to trim the section that runs along the road even though it is fall here because the branches were stretching on to the street and disrupting the view of drivers. I would also like to cut about 6-7 feet off the top of the hedge but am wondering if I should wait until spring to do this? I live in Manitoba. Also, will cutting the top increase the number of leaves that grow further down? The hedge acts as privacy but because it has gotten so tall there aren't as many leaves lower down.

There are a number of possibilities: It could be Anthracnose, which first appears on lower, older leaves with defoliation progressing upwards powdery mildew appears in whitish-gray mold patches on leaves and twigs botrytis gray mold thrives in cool, moist conditions, causing decay of foliage black spot also thrives in moist conditions, causing defoliation from black spots on leaves. Continue treatment with fungicide, but it may not help. Once foliage drops in fall, carefully rake up and remove all leaves: All of these diseases can overwinter in dead leaves. 

Vernon brings his shearing crews from Uruguay, which is about the same size of Florida but with about twice the sheep as the entire United States. "There are lots of sheep shearers in Uruguay," he said. "They are humble and do a good job." The fastest worker can shear a sheep in two and a half minutes, which equals about 755 sheep in eight hours. On average, a crew can shear about 6,755 sheep a day. Vernon can't find domestic labor to do the work. He brought in shearers from New Zealand and Australia for thirty years, but that help dried up, too.

The pumpkin patch is a family affair. Matt's wife, Michelle Cooley, a schoolteacher in Vacaville, is out everyday picking up trash and yelling at kids, says Matt, and their mom, Dolores, also comes out. Matt's kids, Seth and Natalie, help, as do Mark's daughters, Corinne, Kendra, and Tara. Even the repeat customers have come to feel like family. When Matt sees the Benicia Boy Scout troop leader or the parents who bring their developmentally disabled adult child every year, Matt roars, "Hey! You're back!" and helps them pick out a pumpkin.

Next time you visit the farm bring your binoculars. "Erickson Ranch is a bird-friendly farm," says local birding expert Robin Leong. "They have allowed us to bird on their property for the Christmas Bird Count for years." Ray Erickson has installed many birdhouses, and enjoys watching the birds during nesting season. Does he carry binoculars in his jeep? "No, but I should," he says. Then again, maybe he's too busy growing fruit for us.

My partner who i live with doesnt have chit chat and tell me things like how his children are as they have rang him or text i have to constantly ask him if they are doing ok or have they been intouch. He never financialy gives me anything at end of a working week he makes me waight for days till i have nothing then i must ask for housekeeping money. He also doesnt involve me in conversation over taking any hols from work or if hes been intouch with anyone im constantly asking or guessing he always assumes about issues like well were you going and assumes ive made plans before finding out by asking me and at tea times he never asks children if they want tea and makes his own anyway leaving it up too me i need advice on what hes actually doing this for pls help with any advice thank you

Is your biggest fear that of being alone? Don 8767 t be. It 8767 s difficult at first, but it gets easier with time. If it feels wrong, it is. Distance yourself from him. If it 8767 s meant to be, it will be. But don 8767 t keep trying to hold it together for fear it will fall apart. If you have to do that, it isn 8767 t worth having. Take care of yourself and your children. They should be your first priority.

Jo & ty,
Way to support the troops LOL.
From a guys point of view, sometimes us males like to get all our ducks(job, career, life direction, etc) in a row before taking on additional responsiblities (wife, kids, etc). ty you put liz 8767 s beau in a catch 77, he 8767 s trying to take the time to get his life together(job, car, career, etc) before asking her for a committment but to you he 8767 s worthless because he doesn 8767 t have a job and car (why shouldn 8767 t me feel insecure when today 8767 s female puts so much weight in material things). So much for soulmates and true love.

We re planning on planting Lilacs this year along side a ditch in front of our home. Where were planning of planting these lilacs where we have existing poplar tress in that spot that have to be taken down because they are dying. These poplar trees have mushrooms growing around them which means they are stressed and they are starting to have dead branches. These trees are over 85 years old , would the lilacs grow between these stumps or do I have to remove the stumps completely. We live in Manitoba Canada. The lilacs would be in the sun 79 hours a day.

You may have accidentally pruned off the scion root if your plant is grafted, or that part of the plant may have simply died, so the rootstock would now be producing the lighter variation of the flowers. Lilac color can also be affected by the acidity of the soil, so test the pH around the plant. The color will be more intense (the vibrant dark) with a higher pH, which you can achieve by liming. If the soil has become more acidic, this might have affected the change in color.

Ahmad grew up in Lebanon. He came to the United States to earn a master's degree in business administration in 6977. He and his wife, Lourdes, who is Honduran born, have three children, Ali, Jasmine, and Hassan. All three children were born and raised in Solano County and have always helped on the farm. Ahmad's first business on his Vacaville farm was to cut, dry, and preserve flowers for the wholesale market. After the recession hit, he turned to a trade he has known all his life, raising and processing animals.

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