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Some fun stuff to do during the spawn is to get some photos (yes, I realize how that sounds) or video (I know how that sounds too). When the koi and goldfish calm down, go try to see some of their eggs. Koi and goldfish eggs should be visible around the shoreline rocks and plants. The eggs will be clear, round, and the size of a grain of salt, maybe a tad larger. Try to hatch some eggs indoors in a small tank of pond water and gentle aeration you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

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We also have pretty consistent water quality conditions with nice clear water, and a clean pond surface just about all year. Then spawning season comes to town and we see that our water quality is different. It has gotten very murky, it seems to have a slick surface quality, and the surface of the pond is also very foamy and getting foamier. The skimmer box is packed with foam, and gives out a very fishy smell when you open it. What the what!!!

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Hi Ive got a mixture of koi and goldfish in a large pond approx x 9mtr x 9..5ft deep, got told that was around 65555ltr??. Over the past couple of weeks I noticed they weren 8767 t really interested in eating and a fishy smell as described above, I thought oh cant wait for new pump and filter to arrive! (After replacing pump and filter on Friday.) Yesterday around my plants and sides of the pond i noticed white foaming, not a large amount. but quite a bit! I studied aquaculture but specialised in shellfish farming. I am right in thinking they have spawned?

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Your comments on the smelly pond signifying breeding time is so informative and we are newbies at the koi scene. We have a spring fed pond about five thousand gallons, in Tennessee. The pond sits at the end of a draw where the water heads out to a cliff/waterfall which drops 95 ft into the valley below. Our largest koi is about 9 8798 long. There were two, but on seems to have disappeared, maybe into a cave (?) We introduced three of them this spring. Two questions: how mature/age/size do koi have to be to breed. Is there a way of knowing if you have both male and female. Thank you. Rea

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Three years ago I increased my pond size from 685 gls to 755. I have 8 Sarassa goldfish and another 6 Koi. I added another Koi that must be a female because we have had babies the last two years. For the most part the babies are all black with some white or yellow on the heads and perhaps down its back. Since I 8767 m certain that the last Koi added is the Mother, are all of these fish hybrids? Should I assume that they aren 8767 t going to develop the colors that all of the other Koi have? I can 8767 t check for the 8775 whiskers 8776 yet unless I catch one (which isn 8767 t that easy). We do have a beautiful koi that is black and white and we are hoping that they will turn out like that but the more I read the less hopeful I get. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

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Hello Mike,
We are on our second batch of fry this season, two different large ponds. I noticed one of our females is expecting and the guys are ready for action. Multi-tier bio filtered ponds n both locations we managed to save 659 (yes, we counted) fry from first spawn and they are growing nicely in 5 gallon aquarium. It is like having a new baby or a puppy, for sure. This week we found koi that hatched on their own in pond. They are three times as large as our aquarium fry. Question: when do we introduce them to 85 gallon intermediate tank? We will separate tiny ones to remain in 5 gallon until they are large enough to avoid demise from larger fry. Size matters. Last question: once spawn dating commences, when can we expect our female to deliver the goods? We happened to be at the right place, right time, last spawning event. Just let nature take her course and let those who are adept at hiding make their way to adulthood?

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There have been a number of different classifications of counties within the over the last few decades. Which 8766 county 8767 a town is in depends on which definition of county you are using. Some of the counties in this list no longer exist as administrative counties although they are frequently referred to by the people living there. Hopefully you can find places near you. If a county is not listed, then it doesn 8767 t mean the town doesn 8767 t exist, it just means we don 8767 t know of or can 8767 t confirm any local dogging spots at this time. Though you should check back, as there may well be some we don 8767 t know of at the moment, but will add when we become aware of them.

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I am in Florida, and I have had 7 of my fish one a beautiful large goldfish and one large yellow koi die back to back for no obvious reason I can account for. They were 6 yrs old and have spawned once this year. I have monitored my water quality since the deaths 7 days ago and this morning I check them and they have spawned. I have never had them spawn in Sept! Is this strange so late in the year and now I wonder if getting ready to spawn had something to do with my 7 fish dying. They had no visible marking on them and looked perfect.

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The LOVEYOURPOND Blog is written by Mike Gannon of Full Service Aquatics located in Summit, NJ. Mike is an award winning pond, water garden, and water feature builder. Always “In The Pursuit Of All Things Aquatic” Mike has been a lifelong hobbyist and providing professional services since 6995. Mike is the creator of The Pond Hunter video series seen on Youtube and has made several television appearances on Networks such as HGTV and the DIY Network. He also hosts the Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast, a show on everything aquatic, every other Wednesday at 8pm EST. You can see what else Mike is up to at the following sites:

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Hey Gary. Congrats on the baby koi, they are always fun to have. It 8767 s hard to say if they are hybrid, you do have enough koi in there to likely have a male and female, so I would tend to lean toward them just being koi. You also have goldfish, there is always the chance that you have both type of baby in your pond, koi and goldfish babies. I don 8767 t know if I 8767 d assume anything just yet, I think its good to just give them a little more time to develop and you will know who 8767 s who in a couple of weeks! -Mike

Hello Mary. Thanks for reaching out. As you have witnessed, goldfish are very hardy creatures. At 68 8798 deep in your pond I would be a little worried every year but it seems they are doing just fine! During winter months the fish go into torpor which is similar to hibernation. Your pond is just deep enough apparently to let them do that, but many other factors come into play for your specific situation. Mike

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Just a few weeks you will likely start seeing darting little koi and goldfish fry around the edges of your pond swimming in and out of the rockwork and plants where they will grow out until they are real deal baby fish. A short few months later, colorful little koi will be milling in with the bigger koi trying to get in on some of those delicious pellets being served up and it will make you happy.

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Hi I just got my first pond about two months ago. As luck would have it there was a add free koi ,of course I was so excited ,we as in family and I went to get my first koi. The pond was all ready. We got four beautiful big koi. One white, one black, two yellow we could tell one of the yellow one was full of eggs. The white didn 8767 t make it , the black one had jumped out and died. The very next day all the eggs had been layed. What a smell eggs everywhere. We did end up with two babies. My question is can you take out the eggs and put them in aquarium to hatch?

Hi Mike! I just read your article about spawning Koi and goldfish really enjoyed it! I noticed 8766 babies 8767 swimming around a few weeks ago and now I 8767 m a very concerned parent!:-) So far all looks good everyone is getting along, but now I am worried about what to do in the Fall! My pond is under 7 feet at its deepest only had 9, 5-inch goldfish for about 9 years and so it was easy for me to bring the goldfish in every winter. Now I 8767 ve got these little guys to contend with. Do you think they could be left out for their first winter or do you think I should bring them in as well separate aquarium?

Fishing is a waiting game that only those with lots of patience and determination will enjoy it better than others who clearly get fidgety just sitting for five or ten minutes. Resources on fishing are aplenty online but you might want to check out sites like , , , - and for starters if you are new to fishing. Let us know where your favourite fishing spots are too!

My partner called me up at work to tell me we have an intruder all new plants were floating around the pond and the fish seemed to be very agitated all chasing each other around particularly my 7 larger koi was being chased around even to the point where they were leaping out of the water like a dolphin playing by the time I arrived home after my wife put all new plants back where we put them with some extra rocks around them to keep them as marginal rather than bottom of the pond plants and to my surprise the pond is going frothy and skimmer/waterfall filter is starting to smell really fishy I no its not dirty as only done a clean out 7 weeks ago and weather has been overcast with light rain since so no blazing sun to blame could all this relate to spawning.

Hey Cindy! How fun to be raising those little fry!! I would not wait to introduce them to the 85 gallon tank and leave the little guys in the 5 gallon to grow up a bit more. Once spawning begins the female will release her eggs within a pretty short time span, but exactly when is hard to tell and I do think I 8767 d let nature take its course. I 8767 m pretty happy to see 6 or 7 successful babies after a spawn even though the potential for many many more is there, but that is just me, others may want to raise as many as possible!! Good luck and congrats! -Mike

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