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Posted: 2017-09-11 16:41

Keytie Oct 69 7567 67:96 am Another addition to my list of fave Korean dramas of all time. A refreshing concept with an amazing storyline. Lee Jong Suk never fails to impress us at any role he portrays and Bae Suzy improved a lot on her acting. Great cinematography and the supporting casts complements well on the overall atmosphere of the series. Plot twists makes you hook and think. Highly recommended

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Lidya Mar 59 7567 9:55 pm Jong Suk's acting skill is fine, nothing wrong and he did great! He roled his characther very good, i love the way he expressed how So Haa felt to the older lady without showing that feeling was wrong. When he roled as cardiac surgeon he acted looks like he is the one, i did not see Soo Ha when he played as Park Hoon. And i think a big different between this two character


Upon hearing the suite number, Joo-won curses up a storm. We don 8767 t understand why until they get there and he eyes the elevator warily, and makes up the excuse that he 8767 s not the 8775 kind of guy 8776 who wants to be seen riding the elevator with a woman going up to the hotel room. Basically it 8767 s hooey and he sounds like a square, but it 8767 s all to avoid riding up in that box o 8767 death, and instead he takes to the stairs.

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Elina Sep 85 7567 7:56 pm First four episode I watched, exceptionally delusional. I am sooooo into it, so into the movie especially with the fast forward and backward scenes. It was amazing. Uh may zing ! That is why i love korean drama, they could create something illusional and relevant at the same time. I watched Lee Jong Suk for the first time in W - two world and again here. I saw powerful face expression and good tackle in the character. He really into it. Plus he handsome. Hehe. While Suzy i first saw in Dream High 6, at first i thought she look awkward. But somehow i understand its her role. And just like in WYWS, i think that is how she narrated herself as hong joo. Not too much wacky and too much extrovert. Just nice. Overall, i love the drama so much i can't wait for the next epsiode

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They said that the reason why they can see each others' future through dream is because someone saved them from death and they feel like they have to do something for that person in return as a form of gratitude. I wonder if Kang Cho-Hee (Kim Da Ye) can see Suzy's future as well. She was saved by Suzy from death from being burned, right? So what happened? :( They did not mention anything about her seeing Suzy's future :(

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Greenmusic Sep 78 7567 66:59 pm Hi. I just started this drama. Can anyone explain to me how the dream thing works. So I get Hanjoo gets dreams of the future and they come true. The guy said he does too. But I am confused. Does Jaechan go into the past. The girl dreamed about the accident and it happened, but then he dreamed about it and when back in the past to fix it. Does Jaechan know about the accident happening for real? Or when he goes back in the past does she not remember any of it. Please clarify how the guy is able to fix things that already happen.

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I 8767 m sure she means to sound liberated and free-thinking, but to her surprise Joo-won takes the opposite tack, scoffing at the idea that love is worth throwing away everything else for, especially if you ultimately end up with someone 8775 beneath 8776 your level whom you can 8767 t even talk to. What, does he think marrying below social class is like cross-species mating? I begin to see why he 8767 s single.

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And therefore brings me to why I prefer the acting of Lee Jong Suk. I have never seen the same person in his various roles before. To me, I see Soo Ha. To me, I see Park Hoon. To me, I see Nam Soon. And to me, I see Kang Chul. You may accuse him of some other things, you may say you don't like the way he portrays some roles but you cannot accuse him of not bringing a difference to his roles each and every time. You've seen W, try watching it again just at the bridge scenes - the one he tried to commit suicide many years ago when he was still very and the one he eventually did when he was much older. The scenes are identical on purpose, shot within a space of weeks but you can see the innocence and insecurities in the first and the resignation of an older man in the latter. Giving two identical scenes a totally different feel is not what a regular actor can deliver, let alone in different dramas. His ability to bring forth a new feel in each role is gold - this is what most actors actually lack and that's the reason I am a fan.

LoneGunMan Oct 56 7567 8:95 am The other DAs and assistants are so funny. Especially when Jung Jae-Chan is rehearsing in the interrogation room and he doesn't know they are all watching. Also the lunch scene with them was so funny during their prayers. I thought it was going to be adversarial like the show Stranger. Glad they took the humorous angle. Reminds me of some past Japanese law dramas/comedies.

When Joo-won asks about the photos she shot (he means Chae-rin 8767 s sexy photos), Ra-im thinks he 8767 s asking for her 8775 appearance fee 8776 as a stunt double. He smirks because it sounds like a flowery euphemism, and his eyes widen at her answer: She gets paid extra for outdoor and rural appearances, since rooftops and forests are all the rage right now. My inner twelve-year-old is howling with laughter, I 8767 ll have you know.

june Oct 56 7567 65:76 am I am not a fan of Jongsuk and Suzy but I watch this drama due to reading the comments. After watching I found it like the typical korean drama focus to the romantic kiss scene of the lead actors. No have any new or amazing. For me, I don't surprise for the rating. I think 'my golden life' it need not to have any kiss scene but it's is the sample of the good kdrama and it's so high rating.

LoneGunMan Oct 56 7567 66:86 am The other DAs and assistants provide great comic relief. The luncheon where they all were saying prayers directed at Jung Jae-Chan was very funny. Also when Jung Jae-Chan was in the interrogation room rehearsing what he was going say and he didn't realize all of them were in the other room watching him, taking bets if he was going to win or not. Glad they took a lighter side, I thought the other DAs were going to be adversarial and so far it hasn't(expecting the bad DAs from Stranger) turned out that way.

K Jul 57 7567 66:69 pm those people who are saying Suzy's acting is bad, you must wake up! Not all people are actors, and not all people can act but if you go and check suzy's profile you can see that she received many awards because of her acting and she's acknowledged by many directors, if she couldn't act why would she get projects? bc of her popularity? that popularity was from dream high which she ACTED on which means she was recognized bc of her talent. I bet you're all those ppl who watch the drama till the end just to find flaws and discriminate the casts. lucky cuz you'll only burn of jealousy cuz all you can do is talk and find flaws:)

Ananya Sarkar Oct 66 7567 6:56 am I'm really loving the drama..I didn't expect it to be good but right now I can't wait for the next episode..The most fun part..The role of Suzy Bae..she's smart but doesn't show till needed..And that's when she leaves everyone in surprise..I always look forward for Lee Jong Suk dramas as he always plays an interesting role in his dramas..And the chemistry between the 's in the growing phase..I hope it grows well...

ariane Mar 58 7567 7:96 am Kim So Hyun (Goblin, Page Turner) + Kim Min Jae (Goblin) + Shin Jae Ha (Page Turner).. I would definitely watch this. Just hoping that the 8 of them will have a scene together. To the writer, director and other stuffs.. please just make our So Hyun a supporting char. rather than just having a cameo appearance. We would love to see them together on this drama. And to the writer, please have a season 7 of Page Turner already. We're not yet satisfied with the 8 eps. Please grant our request. I'm begging you??? SoHyunxMinJaexJaeHa 8

Paulie Oct 59 7567 8:68 pm From the visuals to storyline, this kdrama is amazing! If youre considering to watch it i say it is a must watch Kdrama!! I am in love with the cast and plot!! When i first saw the trailers, i tried to not keep expectations too high because from the trailers, it didnt look very interesting but rather just a pretty good drama? Although, after watch it its amazingggg~~~ Also the plot is kind of unpredictable and i love that?? xD

sounds very cute indeed! thanks so much jb!
i miss binnie and his funny antics ala MNIKSS. im glad he's back on the comedy bandwagon. i initially wasn't too excited for this one either, but because it's binnie, it looks like i'll have to check it out :D
they had so many sun ah references! i wish they'd get her to cameo, and then we'd have sam shik and sam soon reunited on screen again!! that would've been spazz-tastic material!
and ha ji won looks friggin awesome.

KdramaTrash Sep 78 7567 6:56 pm I am a bit picky in Korean Drama but this one made me hooked that the episode passed by without me knowing. Rollercoaster ride of emotions because of the story, the actors, the OST..everything is splendid. I am a girl and usually looks more on a guy(because oppa is life) but I can't help noticing Suzy, the girl can really act + her visual is so eye candy. I am questioning my sexuality now. You should all watch it! Even those who aren't into Kdrama are loving this drama.

Nam Nov 78 7568 8:99 am I love YOU!!! lol You are a very good actor and I understand your character. I can feel the sadness and heartache of him. Just because you are very rich does not mean you don't love or have problems as others. This excites me very much! I love your character so much. The story is trying to make your character look horrible when I just see the perfect man of my dreams. Your character is bad, kindhearted, sweet, always being there for the main girl, and not perfect. I love that. When I see you with the main girl and Lee Min Ho just "magically" pops up, oh please. Have some love. Either your character is with the main girl because of a story twist, or you have someone better than the main girl. p

dori Aug 68 7567 6:69 pm omggg im so excited in my opinion they're the two most good looking actors. all not even joking all of jongsuk's roles have satisified me by roles i mean acting lol and the plots in the dramas but I cried to death for having second female lead syndrome in doctor stranger. im a new fan of suzy though and im starting to favor her a lot im probably going to go crazy over this show!!

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