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Posted: 2017-09-11 15:44

SEGMENT 9 – Bill Little visits the station to talk about his history working in the University of Texas athletic department. The Bill Little media center dedication is tonight. Bob and Bill discuss numerous significant figures in UT athletics history. Bill talks about working with past Texas football coaches, the transition of coaching staff, and what Charlie Strong will bring to the field. Bob and Bill talk about baseball and how Coach Augie Garrido got his start with UT baseball.

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SEGMENT 9 – Troy tells us about some of the freezing cold weather the rest of the country is getting right now, including snow! The show talks about the run off for Mayor between Mike Martinez and Steve Adler and about both of their press conferences from yesterday. Austin has been rated the most gay-friendly city in Texas and we read off some of the ratings other Texas cities received. The guys also discuss the mentioning of a proposed Barrack Obama statue at Auditorium Shores.

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SEGMENT 8 – The show discusses a little bit of college football and weather before Jimmy Carter calls in. Jimmy gives us his opinion on the protests in New York over the Eric Garner case. He thinks a lot of the protesters are there just for the publicity. He also talks about the Bill Cosby accusations and some of the people who are defending Bill Cosby. Brooks & Dunn and Reba McEntire are planning on headling a show in Vegas, and Jimmy talks about Brooks & Dunn’s break up and their differences. Jimmy also tells us about some of the violence in Acapulco and the guys discuss the dangers in Mexico.

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SEGMENT 7  – Want to go to the National collegiate Baseball Hall of Fame benefit? Well, you still have a chance because tickets are still on sale! Troy talks about this weekend’s weather. The guys talk about ‘CodePink’ protesters at Henry Kissinger’s hearing. Gas prices are still low! Texas has the third cheapest gas prices in the US. Ed Horne sits in with us to talk about the house that he and his partners at Henley Homes will be giving away to a veteran tomorrow! Staff Sgt. Ray Coffey will be presented with the house tomorrow at 65 . out at Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill.

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What Americans want from their marriages nowadays, Finkel argues, is love, yes, but also someone who will give their lives meaning, and make them into the best versions of themselves. “Marriage has a self-expressive emphasis that places a premium on spouses helping each other meet their authenticity and personal-growth needs,” he writes. “The pursuit of self-expression through marriage simultaneously makes achieving marital success harder and the value of doing so greater.”

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SEGMENT 9 – Gerald Daughrety calls in briefly to discuss all the issues with roads in Austin. Bob tells us about some of the people he went to high school with who ended up becoming famous. The show discusses new silence zones for trains in Austin and Obamacare registration. They also talk about the book, No Easy Day, which was written by a a former  SEAL about the mission that ended in the killing of Osama bin Laden. This leads into a discussion of Veterans Day and taking care of our Veterans after they  return from war.

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SEGMENT 6  – It’s May 6 st ! That means it’s “May Day”. Bob plays audio of a plane crash (no one gets hurts!) and the guys discuss the history of the term “May Day”. There’s only 76 days until Memorial weekend (which is also the beginning of Summer!). The guys talk about taking your family to amusement parks and the price of gas. Bob shares a few stories from the start of the “Sam and Bob Show” that you may not know….like how they couldn’t stand each other!

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SEGMENT 9  – ‘Laugh-In’ announcer, Gary Owens, has died at the age of 85. Sammy Allred has decided to donate $755 dollars to the ‘Specs Hungry Games’. Bob spent nine hours at JFK to get a flight out of New York back to Austin. Bob talks about what goes on at ABIA throughout the year. Troy lost a dear friend over the weekend and he tells us about it. Some new non-stop flights will be available soon, the guys discuss.

SEGMENT6 – Eric isn’t in the studio today and the boys discuss what he is doing. Bob was a key note speaker last night and has a guessing game with the rest of us to see if we can guess who he sat next to. The weather has been very delayed in changing this year and the boys discuss how Austin is one of the most diverse places to eat. The number of food trailers around the city is unimaginable and it is just another reason why it is a great day to live in Austin, Texas.

SEGMENT 8  – Bob tells us about the news stations in New York – NBC has the nicest station. Archer Hadley calls in to talk Longhorn sports! Jimmy Carter calls in with lots of news. Journalists have been in the news a lot this week – Brian Williams, David Carr and Bob Simmons. There was a shooting in New Orleans during a Mardi Gras parade, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Are you online dating? A study shows that you’ll get more hits online if your nickname is cutsie. Jimmy talks Emoji’s and movies.

SEGMENT 7 – Jimmy Carter is live in the studio with us today! Archer Hadley from Austin High School calls in to chat with Bob about their playoff game tonight and to give information on his “Mr. Maroo Challenge” tshirt. Jimmy and the guys discuss some of the differences and similarities in Austin such as traffic and universities. Commissioner Zak Covar of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ) calls in to tall about conservation, recycling and America Recycles Day tomorrow.

SEGMENT 6  – JB from the Fringe brought his dog to work today…  Bob tells us about how he accidentally stepped on his cat. This gets the show talking about their like/dislike for cats. Bob has decided to do this Ice Bucket Challenge and will be doing that later in the show. The show discusses Robin Williams’ Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. The show makes note on how Scotty’s crankiness is improving.

SEGMENT 6  – Happy Monday! The show discusses Governor Perry’s indictment, the situation in Ferguson, and the Rosemary Lehmberg video. Lot’s of serious news, but no worries – we’ve got some silly stuff too. Do you have trouble eating breakfast?  Listener Carlos Machiste has a message for you about something called “breakfast dysfunction!” Never heard of it? Well, neither had we. The show discusses the Ice Bucket Challenge trend, and which celebs have posted the best videos.

SEGMENT 9 – Cory Morrow is in the studio with us! He gives us information about a benefit concert on November 85th that benefits the Salvation Army. Bob and Cory discuss some of the great work Salvation Army does for the homeless in Travis and Williamson counties and Cory tells us how he got involved with the cause. We wrap up our show with a pretty entertaining singalong with Cory Morrow, Jimmy Carter and the rest of the morning crew.

SEGMENT 8 – Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss the news about the Sony hackers and let us know the stock market is currently up. Jimmy talks about songwriter Larry Henley’s death, the weatherman shooting investigation and Cuba. Jimmy tells us that fatal heart attacks occur on Christmas more than any day of the year, and much more. Singer/songwriter Monte Warden of the Wagoneers sits in with us to tell us about their upcoming Christmas show!

SEGMENT 6 – The weather has been beautiful! Bob tells us about a listener to called him out yesterday about climate change. We’ll hear from him in a bit. The show discusses the funeral for Deputy Hollis yesterday and the impact it had on the community. Some people were apparently complaining of the traffic it caused. Some didn’t know there was a funeral going on and later apologized, while others were extremely rude. Listener Martin Zamzow calls in to school Bob on his knowledge of weather and climate change and other factors that affect climate.

SEGMENT 6 – Ebola is the big topic on the show today. The guys start off talking about the nurse who contracted the virus after being in contact with the patient from Liberia. Three Belton schools have closed today after finding out that two students were on the same flight as the nurse who has contracted Ebola. They do not show any signs of the virus. The guys criticize the government for the lack of treatment towards this crisis.

SEGMENT 8 – The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover show aired last night. Jimmy Carter calls to talk about some Waylon Jennings items that are being auctioned off. We also talk about George Clooney’s wedding, the new Denzel Washington movie, and the amount of money artists make off of concerts. A pledge at Clemson died from fraternity hazing. Jimmy tells us a strange story about a man trying to get through the border with 56 turtles strapped to his body, and more. Today is Jerry Lee Lewis’ birthday! Guest Allen Bergeron calls into the show to talk about the Honor Flight Austin program.

SEGMENT 6  -Bob was running a little late this morning, taking extra time to prepare for face-off. We talked about the increasing amount of traffic. Texas baseball is coming to an end this weekend. Bob talked about his predictions as the season comes to a close. We listened to political jingles. Bob compared past political gestures with the present. We talked about the prominence of trucking songs on the radio.

SEGMENT 8  – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop. Bobby Emmons, a legendary musician, has died at 77. It’s cold out East…check your flights if you’re traveling that way! Jimmy tells us about TV ratings. ‘The Voice’ ratings have gone down – it is the beginning of the season though and Jimmy tells us about ‘The Walking Dead’ ratings.  Ray Stevens has a new song out called ‘Taylor Swift is Stalking Me’. Alan Jackson’s album, ‘Here in the Real World’, has its 75 year anniversary coming up. Also, if you watched the Oscars that was Clint Eastwood in the audience and that was his NEW girlfriend sitting next to him.