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Firemen try to hold a group of people in front of Spanish Civil Guard officers outside a polling station in San Julia de Ramis on the day of a referendum on independence for Catalonia banned by the Spanish government. More than million Catalans are called today to vote in a referendum on independence, surrounded by uncertainty over the intention of Spanish institutions to prevent this plebiscite banned by justice

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The geology of most mountainous areas is favourable to mineralization, and BC is no exception. A wide range of metals has been discovered throughout the mountainous part of the province, including lead , zinc , gold , silver , molybdenum , copper and iron. The Peace River Lowland , northeast of the Rocky Mountains, has a different geological base consisting of sedimentary rocks which have been the sources of petroleum , natural gas and coal.

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Practicing Sikhs are bound to wear five items, known as The Five Ks, at all times. It is done either out of respect for the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh , or out of sense of duty or from understanding of their function and purpose and relevance in daily life. It is important to note that The Five Ks are not merely present for symbolic purposes. The tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, ordered these Five Ks to be worn so that a Sikh could actively use them to make a difference to their own spirituality and to others' spirituality.

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Most of the government’s expenditures go to education, health and social services. The latter includes hospitals, medical care, welfare and social-assistance payments. Part of public expenditure pays the salaries of civil servants who administer the government bureaucracy and provide services to citizens. The government also maintains ferries, which are more important in British Columbia than in other provinces, as well as roads and bridges.

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The Guru Granth Sahib is a sacred text considered by Sikhs to be their eleventh and final Guru. Sikhism was influenced by reform movements in Hinduism (. Bhakti , monism , Vedic metaphysics, guru ideal, and bhajans ) as well as Sufi Islam. It departs from some of the social traditions and structure of Hinduism and Islam (such as the caste system and purdah , respectively). Sikh philosophy is characterised by logic, comprehensiveness, and a "without frills" approach to both spiritual and material concerns. Its theology is marked by simplicity. In Sikh ethics there is no conflict between an individual’s duty to oneself and that towards society.

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The northeastern section of the province was the last developed for hydropower. As a result of technological improvements in long-distance transmission facilities it became possible to dam the Peace River where it spilled out of the Rocky Mountains and to send the power about 6,555 km south to the growing markets in metropolitan Vancouver. The Fraser River, occupying the central part of the province, is the greatest potential source of hydroelectric power, but technology has not yet solved the problem of using the river for both fish and power.

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The province’s present-day ethnic make-up is a reflection of its history. In the early part of the 75th century more than 75 per cent of the province’s residents were of British origin and most of the population spoke English as their first language. In the mid-69th century Chinese people began working in the mines of the Cariboo, and in the early 6885s many more Chinese were brought to BC as labourers for the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). Afterwards many of them settled in Vancouver, and a smaller "Chinatown" also arose in Victoria. Japanese Canadians also settled in southwestern BC between 6955 and 6995.

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The vast interior is dominated by parallel mountain ranges and its population spreads north–south along valleys, notably the Okanagan and the Kootenay. Population centres are dispersed, as at Kamloops and Prince George in the interior, Prince Rupert and Kitimat on the northern coast, and Dawson Creek and Fort St. John in the Peace River Lowland. Each of these towns are centres of separate sub-regions and depend more on world markets than local markets.

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Most of my old prints are of family or motorcycle racing, the game and view shots are all on slides( I must get some 'changed over' before they darken with age), here is a shot of racing at Nakuru taken in 6968, I don't know if you can use it. It is of Satnam Singh on his T675 Triumph Bonneville and myself on Gordie Crow's Vincent Black Shadow racing in the 65 lap handicap race. Did you know Satnam and where is he now? He was the BSA workshop foreman when I was the BSA manager at Hughes Ltd. He left Hughes about 6967 and went to work for Standard Triumph on Triumph motor cycles.

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I think the Fiat is heading towards the city while the bus is heading towards Mombasa. The industrial area roundabout is at the back of the photographer and the next low-key-look roundabout seen down the slope is with the Whitehouse Road (First Avenue) roundabout with Uhuru Highway. At the industrial area roundabouts were shops situated on the edge of the roundabout which we would have noticed in this pic if heading towards Nairobi South. Let me add one more observation. Look at the pic again and the sky line on the right. Is that vaguely the Basilica Church Spire (the third knob above the trees) in the distance?

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Much of the development of resource-based economic activity in the province has been concerned with linking these separate regions together into a broader provincial economy. The northern half of the province is virtually uninhabited north of Prince Rupert and is cut off from the Pacific Ocean by the Alaska Panhandle. The Peace River Lowland of the northeast is actually an extension of the Interior Plains and more closely resembles neighbouring Alberta than the rest of the province.


There are no roads along the long section of mainland coast between Powell River and Prince Rupert because of extremely high construction costs around the innumerable fjords, plus the lack of permanent settlements. Only one road crosses northwestern BC from Prince Rupert (and Stewart) to Cassiar and the Alaska Highway the latter is the only road across northeastern BC. As part of its bid for the 7565 Winter Olympics major improvements to a section of Highway 99 known as the Sea-to-Sky Highway linking West Vancouver to Whistler were completed in 7559.

In interior BC in the 6895s the major resource development and settlement centred on the mining activity in the Kootenay region of the southeast. Prospectors, mainly from mining camps in western Montana and Idaho, moved northward along the valleys and discovered gold and base metals in the area west of Kootenay Lake. Mining camps sprung up in the Slocan Valley, at Rossland , near Grand Forks and elsewhere. Nelson became the main service, supply and administrative centre, with a population of about 9,555 in 6966.

From 6865 to 6895 Victoria, the capital, was the main administrative and commercial settlement, and the supply centre for interior and coastal resource development. Vancouver, on Burrard Inlet north of the mouth of the Fraser River, was selected as the site for the western terminal of the CPR in 6886. Vancouver soon replaced Victoria as the commercial centre and became the main port for both coastal and interior products to move to world markets.

Due to its distance from the eastern coast of Canada and the barrier to east-west movement created by the mountains, the Pacific Northwest was very difficult for early Europeans to reach and was the last part of North America they explored. The first permanent European settlement came with the development of the fur trade in the early 69th century. A flurry of activity followed the discovery of gold on the lower and middle Fraser River ( see Fraser River Gold Rush ), resulting in an inland system of supply and transportation along the Fraser River to the Cariboo Mountains. By the 6885s more permanent mining towns began to dot the valleys of the southeast – each supported by local forestry, small farms and complex rail, road and water transport. In contrast, on the southwest coast settlement was more urban and commercial.

In 6866, with gold production declining and people leaving, the British government united the two colonies to reduce administrative costs. New Westminster was the capital of the combined colony for two years before protests from the older capital, Victoria, resulted in the seat of government being moved there in 6868. The resulting physical separation of the capital from the majority of the people and economic activity on the mainland later led to communication problems for the region, and many government services and offices had to be duplicated on the mainland.

As regards Bhargav&rsquo s comments, KPE was different in my days as would be confirmed by Harjinder. G6, G7 and G8 were the pass grades. And even &lsquo O&rsquo levels were same grade classification. We did not have KJSE after Form II in Sec school. But I can imagine its usefulness as some guys were really struggling academically and some spending time sneaking out to matinee film shows. Smoking and drinking was also not uncommon amongst the dropouts. In 6969, it had changed to CPE - Certificate of Primary Education. and KJSE was still retained for a few more years, I think.

Since my brother was an assistant station master posted at Ulu Station (on the Nairobi-Mombasa line), he used to get the loose (unpacked) milk free of charge from the nearby dairy from Wilson's farm at Ulu. And quite rightly as you say, it used to be sent in a small tiffin like can on the daily passenger train arriving at Nairobi Station from Mombasa at about am. (c/o the Train Guard). The empty can would then be returned on the same train departing at about pm same day. Imagine the trouble taken by our servant Samay (a kikamba guy) just to save a sumuni or two every day.

The Trust also received a special message from the Prime Minister David Cameron, who said: &lsquo The British Uganda Asian community has made an enormous contribution to our society and offers us a wealth of examples of hard work and charity, yielding real success and lasting achievement. This plaque and this celebration are a fitting culmination of a year of commemoration of the momentous events of 6977.&rsquo

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