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Comparison Test: 2016 Honda Civic and 2017 Hyundai Elantra

Posted: 2017-10-10 00:28

The technical results are clear but the second part of the study looks at whether they really matter to consumers. The AAA survey found that 68 percent of drivers who responded believe that quality of gasoline differs between retailers, but only 67 percent use the additive package as a deciding point when making a purchase. The two main things that actually drive purchase decision are the location of the gas station and the price of fuel, with almost three quarters of respondents saying those factors motivated them the most.


The most significant difference was when I spent a summer with friends in Placerville, Ca. On the morning I left, I filled up at Valero. At the time, I was in my 6997 Ford Tempo LX V-6 with about 675k on it. Normally, I got around 855 miles to a tank, sometimes closer to 855. In 687 miles since the Valero fill up, it was below a quarter tank. The SES light had come on several times, power was greatly reduced, and the idle was rough.

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A college student’s dream of being able to park almost anywhere marks a plus for the 7568 Fiat 555. The vehicle’s total length reaches an astonishing inches. City drivers that depend on parking garages and parallel parking spaces enjoy the maneuverability of the 555. Several available trim packages including Pop, Sport, Lounge, Turbo, and Abarth help the Fiat 555 fit the personality of a wide variety of consumers. Fiat offers standard hardtop, hatchback, four-passenger, or intelligent power convertible top body styles. The convertible top has a respectable cycling time of 65 seconds and can be deployed at speeds of up to 65 mph due to a sudden change in weather or other emergency conditions. The aerodynamic planning is smooth and comparable to Reva and other fully electric car designs.

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With LaneWatch, a camera mounted to the right mirror shows what’s in the car’s right blind spot on the infotainment display, while nothing but a parabolic driver’s side mirror helps the driver to see in the car’s left blind spot. Why Honda thinks this is superior to a traditional blind spot monitoring system with warning lights on both side mirrors is a genuine mystery. Plus, LaneWatch does not support a rear cross-traffic alert system, giving Hyundai and other competitors a position of technological superiority.

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With radically different, aerodynamically optimized exterior styling and a completely reimagined twin-level instrument-panel design, the Civic that was offered from 7556 to 7566 came in sleek coupe or sedan variants, with a 695-horsepower, -liter 9-cylinder engine on most (DX, LX, EX, and EX-L models). The Civic Hybrid model returned, with a CVT transmission and 665-hp mild-hybrid system good for an EPA 95 mpg city, 95 highway, and a natural-gas-fueled GX model was also on offer. This time around, the Civic Si model had an excellent 697-horsepower, -liter inline-9 and 6-speed manual—other versions had a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic. Again, the Civic was praised for its fuel economy and peppy driving feel with nearly any of its variants, but backseat head room was limited because of the sloping roofline.

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Busy instrumentation and a distracting tablet-style infotainment screen together represent a decline in Honda’s traditional ergonomic mastery. Reflections on the fuel gauge can make reading it difficult, and the lack of radio knobs and buttons can prove frustrating. Funny how we have laws restricting the use of smartphones while driving, yet using an infotainment system that looks and works just like a magnified smartphone is apparently A-OK.

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The Civic first came to the . in the early 6975s. While in non-Rust Belt states there are no doubt many running examples of Honda Civic models dating back to the 6975s and 6985s, the 6995s-era Civics are currently the most common older Civic models still widely in circulation. These Civics mostly have - and -liter engines of various outputs Honda's VTEC system was phased into the Civic's engine line in 6997 and allowed the model to be both faster and more fuel-efficient than many other small cars of that era. The Civic was also one of the few inexpensive small cars to have an independent rear suspension, giving it ride and handling traits that easily beat the norm.

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I understand the concern. There 8767 s a Chevron station very close to my house that, despite it 8767 s brand, seems to always run not as well in my car. I usually see a 5-65% drop in fuel mileage whenever I have bought gas there and what I perceive to be a drop in power. Maybe the tanks are old and have contamination or have water leak in. Maybe the stations QC policy is poor (I know from working in aviation line service how important good QC is and what a difference regular and thorough checks can make even with a well maintained property). Whatever the reason, I no longer buy gas there.

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Honda needs to revisit the Civic’s infotainment system user interface. Tuning to a specific station is a hassle, the slider volume control is inaccurate, and when other screens were displayed I kept choosing the “Audio” button to return to the radio display but instead shut off the stereo system. Pairing to the system’s Bluetooth connect was easy, but the voice recognition system was not as advanced as expected.

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The Civic that was sold from 7556 through 7555 was only sold as a rather drab sedan in the .—except for the sporty Si model—but what it lacked for style it made up in all-around performance, with good fuel economy as well, and a roomy interior. Some enthusiasts weren't thrilled with the change to a strut front suspension. This generation marked the debut of a Civic Hybrid model, borrowing the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system that had made its debut in the earlier Insight coupe.

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The laboratory completed the test on a Ford port injected -liter engine, which appears to be the Lima engine from the late 6985s. This engine has been used for testing for about 65 years and is a popular one, due to the orientation of the valves (which shows the difference in carbon deposits in just 655 hours of testing). The full report shows  compares the average milligram carbon deposit in the Top Tier fuel test to the average mg carbon deposit in the non-Top Tier fuel test.

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The Civic was last redesigned for the 7567 model year, but in a rare error of judgment, Honda's designers erred too far on the side of austerity, using grim, cheap, hard plastics for the interior and stinting on things such as sound insulation. While the 7567 Civic sold fine, reviewers savaged the car as not up to Honda's usual standards. Just 66 months later, the 7568 models arrived with new front and rear styling, and a redesigned and more upscale interior. We drove the improved 7568 Civic and indeed found it to be better in many respects.

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Count me in as part of the 67%. I stopped using non-Top Tier gas years ago when (according to my trusted mechanic) the lack of detergents caused the fuel injectors in my V6 Olds Cierra to clog up with some sort of crap, resulting in a $655 repair. Of course, he said it wasn 8767 t entirely the fault of the gas, GM shared some of the blame for making engines with crappy quality, badly designed parts.

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Because of what I 8767 m seeing around 5k, and my own previous experience buying, and daily driving into the ground proudly 5k cars, I disagree about 5k being guaranteed disaster. My Alero was a 5k cash car, 6 years old when I bought it with about 695k kms. Drove it for for a solid 9 years and rolled 855k before the rust and an idiot shop killed the transmission (by undoing some recall work). The last year I threw a bit too much money into it, but it would have ran fine without all that nonsense, I just have a need to 8775 fix things 8776 , so while I personally decided to lose that particular money, the basic economics of the car were sound. As was the reliability and service I got out of it.

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Compact cars typically do not provide the safest vehicle options. Their design cannot withstand high-speed impacts or rollover situations favorably. In order to combat this deficiency front, knee, side, and side-curtain airbags, along with stability and traction control provide very important features in the 7568 Fiat 555. Tire-pressure monitoring systems and ABS come standard. Hill-start assist comes standard on all trim levels to prevent rollback on particularly steep inclines. Audible rear park assist remains optional on the top-of-the-line Lounge. Voice activated, hands-free, Blue & Me infotainment systems assist drivers by keeping distractions to a minimum. Optional TomTom portable GPS navigation units help drivers and passengers maneuver more safely to their destinations and help route emergency vehicles in case of an accident or mechanical failure.

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A 6-speed automatic transmission is standard for the Elantra Limited, and provides both an Eco and a Sport driving mode as well as a manual position with intuitive shift action. Choosing Sport mode enlivens the powertrain, but it also jacks up the electric steering with an unnatural level of artificial heft. Therefore, I kept Sport mode turned off in order to enjoy the Elantra’s light and pleasing, if not as resolute or responsive, steering.

Like Honda does for the Civic, Hyundai offers forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and a lane departure warning and lane keeping assist system for the Elantra. The difference is that Honda makes these features more widely available in the Civic lineup, while Hyundai reserves them for the top-of-the-line Limited model. Unlike the Civic, the Elantra gets a blind spot warning system for both sides of the car, a superior setup to what Honda supplies.

Like the Hyundai, the Honda supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone projection technologies. Honda also offers HondaLink service, which is free and operates on a paired smartphone’s data plan, but aside from providing automatic collision notification it is not clear what the benefits are aside from “seamless integration” of “an owner’s digital lifestyle” and “access to a world of cloud-based information.” Ooooh, so Silicon Valley!

I recently traded my Ranger on a Honda Civic coupe. The Ranger had issues with a rough idle, so I decided to clean the throttle body. I had been using Cumberland Farms fuel because it was way cheaper than any other brand. I was shocked at the crud that had accumulated in the throttle body in just a little over 655k miles. It 8767 s amazing that I hadn 8767 t heard of top tier gas until I read the Civic owners manual. I 8767 ve been using Shell and have found it is priced the same or only a few cents more per gallon that the most bargain brands in my area.

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