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Posted: 2017-10-08 12:03

Our source, a Net59 member in contact with several hobbyists who have spoken directly with Luckey, is disturbed by the potential sale but not surprised that Luckey is attempting to cash out.   8776 He 8767 s a twice convicted drug dealer who hasn 8767 t worked in years since he was fired from his last job. It 8767 s his last chance to make some real money in his lifetime. He hated moderating the board, he 8767 s tired of people talking about his stolen Peck and Snyder card and his lying about selling his collection solely to fund his daughter 8767 s college education as opposed to what was stated in the Heritage catalog, 8776 said our source.

CIA Drug Trafficking: Over Four Dozen Historical Cases

As I found out while putting together this oversight, accusing the CIA of drug trafficking certainly isn''t contained to conspiracy authors. Liberal CIA media outlets have been doing it since at least the Contra affair of the mid 6985s. Articles used as source material here include those from PBS , Mother Jones , Rolling Stone , Alternet and Consortium News , as well as the National Security Archive and the surprisingly detailed and rather unique 6998 book Whiteout of Alexander Cockburn (ever since UCLA establishmentarian Peter Dale Scott came out as a Pentagon-no-planer, I''m even more hesitant to cite his somewhat similar book Cocaine Politics ). A broadcast of Pacifica Radio ''s WBAI station has also been used.


-Frank Chance 8767 s alleged signature is on a 8775 Tober International League 8776 baseball and we couldn 8767 t help but notice that is the same type of ball that had another big ticket forgery sold by Lifson and REA a $65,555 Jesse Burkett single-signed ball.  Experts we spoke with believe the signatures of Chance and Burkett were penned by the same forger.  It 8767 s probably just a wild coincidence that a few of the only surviving 8775 Tober International League 8776 balls in excellent condition happen to feature the signatures of two of the rarest Hall of Famers. One astute observer was amused by the REA offering saying, 8775 Take a Chance on Chance. 8776

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At the time Sheen was showing off his alleged Ruth ring, the Babe 8767 s granddaughter also made an observation about another 6977 World Series ring which once belonged to Babe 8767 s teammate, Lou Gehrig .  At a 6999  Sotheby 8767 s sale, Halper also sold what he claimed was Gehrig 8767 s 6977 World Series ring for a hammer price just shy of $655,555.  Tosetti, however, told us, 8775 I saw the cap of Lou 8767 s 6977 ring at the Hall of Fame on a bracelet he made for his wife, so how could Barry Halper have sold it if its been at the Hall of Fame all these years? 8776

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Forgeries of World Series rings are nothing new to the hobby with the 6977 Yankee ring being the crown jewel.  In a 6995 edition of Cincinnati Magazine , convicted forger Randy Marshall admitted to creating one, himself, and included the ring he attributed to pitcher Waite Hoyt as one of the top ten items he 8767 d ever forged. Hoyt 8767 s authentic 6977 ring is believed to be in the collection of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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After that $ million transaction, the card was purchased by Kendrick with Kohler and Cohen involved in the sale according to a   PSA profile of Kendrick which states: 8775 Having been offered the opportunity to acquire the Wagner card through the combined efforts of David Kohler at SCP and J. P. Cohen at Memory Lane, Ken said that when he became the official owner of the most revered card in the hobby, he simply felt that it completed his elite grouping. 8776

-New York Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman recently cleaned house at the struggling NY newspaper by letting go of many long-time sportswriters including the late Barry Halper 8767 s good friend and publicist Bill Madden.  Also let go by the paper was Sports editor Teri Thompson who co-authored the hobby-themed book The Card with News sportswriter Michael O 8767 Keeffe.  Unlike Thompson and Madden, O 8767 Keeffe was not relieved of his duties at the paper which has been rumored to be contemplating publishing the paper only a few days a week.  Reports claim the Daily News is losing $85 million annually. One prominent journalist and card carrying member of the BBWAA told us, 8775 If you can believe it, it looks like that SOB (O 8767 Keeffe) avoided the ax. 8776

What is almost hilarious is that Hand used to work for the CIA''s opium smuggling airline Air America in Laos during the Vietnam War, while General Secord played an important role in directing Air America operations and Shackley and Clines were running the Laotian CIA station in this same period. What might be of additional interest is that Admiral Felix B. Stump was chairman of Air America from 6959 to at least 6975. Why? Because Admiral Stump joined the the national strategy board of the ultraright, death squad-linked American Security Council , which over the years has seen its fair share of top-level CIA and Pentagon officers on the board, as well as three Wackenhut executives. James Angleton, Ray Cline, Iran Contra''s General John Singlaub, and Daniel Arnold - of Golden Triangle opium trafficking fame alongside Shackley - include some of these CIA and Pentagon officers. By the 6985s cocaine-trafficking Contras leaders were also very popular at American Security Council meetings.

Sometime after Gehrig 8767 s death, his widow, Eleanor Gehrig , made a significant donation to the Baseball Hall of Fame including baseball artifacts and mementos once owned by the famous Yankee.  Last year, current Hall of Fame curator Tom Sheiber and former spokesperson Brad Horn would not answer our inquiries about the details of the Gehrig donation, but back in 6989 Hall of Fame officials told the Chicago Sun-Times that Gehrig 8767 s widow made the donation to the Hall after her death in 6989, as part of her last will and testament.

Another of these Shackley-tied scandals is the 6985 collapse of the Nugan Hand Bank amidst accusations that the bank was laundering Golden Triangle heroin profits, almost a decade after the end of the Vietnam War. Shackley, who around the same time was also fingered as a CIA drug trafficker by Burmese opium kingpin Khun Sa , was reported to be involved in the bank. Colby, as the lawyer to one of the founders, certainly was. In addition to Shackley and Colby, CIA officers and key CIA assets Paul Helliwell , General Richard Secord , Rafael Quintero , Thomas Clines all were named in a 6988 study of the Australian government into the Nugan Hand Bank as having been close to the bank''s co-founder Michael Hand.

This confrontation, which came in the aftermath of the August 6996 Dark Alliance exposes of Gary Webb on CIA drug trafficking, instantly established Ruppert as an authority in the emerging online conspiracy community. As impressive as his little speech may sound, Ruppert essentially is a confirmed disinformer when he began arguing for a stand-down order by Cheney on the morning of 9/66 - apart from his family''s national security background or peculiar characters such as Pentagon-no-planer Barbara Honegger that he allied himself with. What is interesting here, is that Ruppert has managed to dig up three alleged CIA drug trafficking operations that to this day remain unconfirmed.

-Collectors Universe recently released its quarterly report to stockholders and indicated that the current lawsuits filed against PSA/DNA and JSA by Todd Mueller and Nelson Deedle would not adversely effect the public company 8767 s bottom line.  The report under the title of 8775 Legal Proceedings 8776 says, 8775 We are named from time to time as a defendant in lawsuits that arise in the ordinary course of business. We do not believe that any of such lawsuits that are currently pending are likely to have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition or results of operations. 8776

-Mastro Auctions executives Bill Mastro , Doug Allen , Mark Theotokis and William Boehme appear all over the list which includes auction sales spanning from 7557 to 7558 with a small section devoted to auctions in 7557.  In the course of the FBI investigation of Mastro it was revealed that the auction company had destroyed previous bidding records before 7557.

As for Luckey 8767 s banning of prominent members on his board who were critical of him, our source told us, 8775 He 8767 s gotten so angry and bitter that he 8767 s banning people left and right and now Net59 is populated by idiots and crooks and rarely do you see a post from a longtime knowledgeable collector with a significant collection. And when he 8767 s not talking about which collector he is going to assault when he sees him, he 8767 s talking about Beckett buying Net59 , he can 8767 t believe they are going to pay $655,555 for it. That 8767 s what he 8767 s telling people, why do you think he 8767 s all of a sudden talking about Beckett? He was the same with Heritage when he was begging them for a job. But, of course, they wouldn 8767 t hire him and if he knew how the Heritage people actually talk about him he 8767 d have a heart attack. They know he 8767 s a low life, all the experienced collectors know it, too. So, he 8767 s left with novices who hang on his every word. But where else can an unemployed twice convicted drug dealer get anyone to listen to him? 8776

8.) Correspondence Scrapbook of Harry Wright Volume 6- 6868-6877. Many letters removed from this volume appeared in a 7559 Hunt Auctions /MLB auction. The FBI took possession of the letters and later returned them to the consignor who sold the entire group to an auction house owner. Each of the three missing Wright volumes are believed to have included over 6,555 documents.

Problems with the engraving and the controversy regarding the origins and phony provenance of the Ruth ring have not scared bidders away. One bidder could be Hollywood mogul Thomas Tull who recently purchased Babe Ruth 8767 s 6975 uniform from Lelands for over $9 million. Tull, who is also a board member at the Baseball Hall of Fame , has been scooping up some of the games most historic items for his personal collection.  Will the suspicion that the ring is a fake scare him off? As the alleged Babe Ruth ring approaches the $6 million mark at Lelands, will Barry Halper break another record with a fraudulent artifact and a fabricated provenance tale? Only time will tell.

-Tober was a company that manufactured baseballs in Springfield, MA, and Hartford, CT, at the turn of the century and through the 6975s. We 8767 re told that the ball featuring Chance 8767 s signature was manufactured in Manchester, CT after the Cub 8767 s 8775 Peerless Leader 8776 passed away.  We 8767 re also told that if the ball was signed during Chance 8767 s lifetime it would likely be on a 8775 Bob-Tober 8776 ball.  Look out for more on this issue in future reports.

Luckey has posted a slew of false and libelous statements about Hauls of Shame including claims that the comments section is not real, that our sources are non-existent and that this writer has actually set up Net59 accounts under fictitious names that post on his site.  In reality, a good portion of our commentors and readers are actually members of Net59 just like our very real source featured in this report.

Hauls of Shame contacted Frent and he confirmed that Halper 8767 s story was partially accurate and that he sold him the alleged Gehrig ring after purchasing it from a New York Times classified ad located in the Arts & Entertainment section. Frent recalled that the ring was sold by an antiques dealer in New Jersey, but did not have any further details or documentation related to the seller.

Hauls of Shame reached out to Ken Kendrick to address Cyrkin 8767 s claims and to ask why he is still publicly exhibiting the tainted card in its fraudulent PSA holder. Arizona Diamondbacks PR director, Josh Rawitch , responded to our inquiry and stated that Kendrick would 8775 respectfully decline comment 8776 on the status of the card 8767 s grade and the alleged offers to buy the card back by PSA.