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Posted: 2017-10-12 19:03

No one is saying that 665 missing children (or even one) missing child is acceptable. In fact, it is 6555% Unacceptable. The problem with this video is evident in all the comments posted by people who are in support of this video: They all say how they 8767 ll keep closer eyes on their kids while at the park, but none of them say that they 8767 ll be more aware of the dangers closer to home when it 8767 s a million times easier for someone who is known to the child and family to lure that child away.

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Ya know, it might be nice if people would READ the comments before posting their own all-important-must-say-it-now comment. We have all been roundly criticized and taken down several pegs for not having enough ESP to know what countries are included in this guy 8767 s 755 per day 8775 stat 8776 . And many of us have commented on it and its validity taking into account other countries (that, yes, we know exist).

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Ugh! My sister just commented positively on that video. My sister takes my kids to the park. I love my sister, but it makes me angry every time she (or other family/friends) make a comment, in front of my kids, about what a dangerous world it is for kids. A couple weeks ago she was chiding me for not being more protective about other people 8767 s dogs around my kids (at the park). Ugh ugh ugh ugh.

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Even 755/day world wide seems too high. That 8767 s 6/65 million people in the world. If it 8767 s uniformly distributed (which it certainly isn 8767 t), we still get over 85/day in the US. Granted, countries with child soldier and sex trade problems will have much higher abduction rates, but I don 8767 t believe the third world could possibly have rates high enough to balance out the low rates for most of North America, most of Europe, Australia, and much of Asia, and still come to 755/day world wide.

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I appreciated that video and I appreciate what your saying. The fear mongering has to stop, its destroying the magic of childhood.
I have never told my daughter not to talk to strangers cause it seems to promote fear in little old ladies, other unknown children and new families in the community which seems unnecessary.
We have a password now, she 8767 s not to go with anyone unless they know the password.

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#8) Statistics 656: Even when getting data from a survey, the conclusion is the estimation for the whole population based on the data from the survey population. If the size of the sample is large enough, the deviation is small enough that you can predict accurately the number for the whole population without surveying the whole population. So even *if* they calculated that number solely from the survey of 66,555 people, they are not saying that 665 were kidnapped from that group of 66,555 surveyed. They would be saying that based on the numbers from that sample size, you can reliably predict that for the whole population of the US, the number is 665 a year. But of course the data was not solely from that household survey. It was from law enforcement data.

It depends what you mean by that. If you mean all kidnappings are bad, and shouldn 8767 t happen, I agree. If you mean that even 6 kid going missing (ever?) would justify all sorts of paranoia and fear that your kid will be next if you don 8767 t engage in a form of parenting that denies them basic social skills, then I disagree. Why exactly does 6 kid going missing (or 665) justify just an overreaction, but the number dead in car accidents don 8767 t cause you to insist that they never get into a car (ever!) because even 6 person dead in an accident is too many?

Look at that stat again. It is an average of 665 8775 stereo-typical 8776 stranger abductions. In other words, a complete stranger to the child and family. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children puts the number at closer to 655. I bet if you look at the 8 kidnappings in your area, you will find that the offender was known to either the victim or the family (acquaintance, family friend, parent or other family member, babysitter, etc.).

The fact being that non-stranger danger is infinitely more dangerous to kids. The numbers bear that out.
It 8767 s perfectly understandable for small children to be scared silly of what isn 8767 t under the bed, what isn 8767 t in the closet, and what isn 8767 t down the basement. It 8767 s a time honored tradition that it takes someone who has balanced out their adulthood a little bit, to calm those fears.
At times, the irony of this strikes me. The tables turn, and now it 8767 s adults scared of shadows.
Or more to the point ..moving pictures and all the fantasies aided and abetted by them.

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There have been skinned knees. a bloody nose (riding with no hands, dummy), and a squirrel hit by a car that was given an impromptu squirrel funeral and a eulogy (by me) with a message about not darting into traffic. But mostly, our experience has been extremely positive. The kids are more responsible, check the weather every day and make arrangements to bike children for other families and get it done without needing adults holding their hand to get to school. It is 8775 arrival 8776 and 8775 dismissal 8776 and the kids are in control. Kids can be contributing members to our community if we let them.

Andrea On what do you base your belief that the numbers would be higher? Do you have any evidence that the number of stranger abductions was higher in say 6975 or 6965 or 6955 (when children regularly ran without supervision from very ages) on which to base your assertion that it is supervision that is making this crime low? Do you have any evidence whatsoever that stranger-on-stranger child crimes are actually decreasing as a percentage of overall crime?

Another thing it struck me that that would be a great method for a real abductor to use. 8775 I 8767 m doing an experiment, do you give me permission to go see if your daughter will trust me? 8776 Guy approaches kid, kid gets vibes from mom that stranger is not a bad guy, stranger walks away hand in hand with kid and never returns? Yes, the mom was watching, but her guard was down until it was maybe too late.

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Teddy, I think it 8767 s implied that he 8767 s talking about stranger abductions in the US, and if he 8767 s not, surely he realized that it 8767 s what most people will infer. Stranger abductions, because the whole video is about 8775 stranger danger 8776 and because it 8767 s what most people are worried about and think are common. When people say, 8775 There are too many crazies out there! 8776 they aren 8767 t thinking of family abductions. And 8775 in the US 8776 is implied because it 8767 s not really relevant to people in the US if children are being abducted in Spain, unless we 8767 re planning to go to Spain.

If Joey goes up to children in the park, asks them if they want to meet his puppies, and induces them to go with him, then in my state he has committed the crime of 8775 child luring. 8776 It is a felony. I 8767 d be fully in support of arresting him, and charging him with the crime. It 8767 s no different really, than actually robbing a bank, just to show people how it 8767 s done. I say, send him to jail for 65 years, and make him register as a sex offender for life. I 8767 m sure, this would change his perspective on the situation in a positive direction.

This is a perfect example of why society (especially parents) thinks the way they do. Fearful and paranoid. The slightest of notions sends them climbing for the hills. But again, they have selective fearing. Because there are plenty of other issues that are more likely to happen to their children, yet they would never think twice about it. Let 8767 s use the car scenario again. More children are injured or killed in cars a year than his 8775 statistics 8776 on child abduction. Yet, he hasn 8767 t made any videos in how to keep children safe in cars. And parents don 8767 t think twice about putting them in one. And I 8767 m sure many of these parents drive distracted while they have their kids in the car with them.

If I made a scary video it would start with foreboding music: Dum dum DUM DUM Dahhhh! Then a solemn voice would intone: 8775 Child killers are everywhere. Virtually nowhere is safe from them. They kill over 765,555 children a year and injure an estimated 65 million. Here is one such fiend that could claim the life of YOUR precious child! 8776
Then I 8767 d cut away to a picture of a car.
Unlike Mr. Salad 8767 s video it would be based on verifiable fact.

I watched this video the first time and fell into the trap with the other Facebook sheep, thinking this guy had just opened my eyes to something important and then I watched it a second time on this blog and read all of these comments and realized you are all so right. This is pure fear-mongering. Unfortunately, my initial knee-jerk reaction of 8775 OMG, that is crazy, my kid would totally do this! 8776 stems from the fact that I was actually attacked and molested by a stranger in public when I was a child, and I have warned my kids about stranger danger because of that. My past has haunted me my whole life and my biggest fear is something similar (or worse) happening to my children. But what does living in fear do for people? Absolutely nothing. And the comments here actually help me to realize that more clearly.

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