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Posted: 2017-10-09 06:50

Why is this useful, you might ask? Every lonely male person has a favorite celebrity or TV / movie actress, or perhaps a hot co-worker. Fantasizing about her is just not enough, and neither are the few papparazi bikini snapshots that might exist of her. There ought to be something more, something that warms the heart and soul and helps pass the time on those long and lonely winter evenings. Something like a porn movie that she stars in.

Gary Vaynerchuk interview on Business Insider: career

Prank You Very Much
On a freezing January morning, New York City commuters boarded subways from various lines and braced themselves for the day. They could not have expected this: Fellow passengers—businesspeople and college kids alike—removed their pants and skirts and nonchalantly rode to their destination, Union Square, in their underwear. Riders gawked, leered, and laughed their heads off. The ninth annual No Pants Subway Ride was another successful gag perpetrated by Charlie Todd and his New York Prank Collective, Improv Everywhere.

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Hi Rob,
The easy bit I 8767 d use the featured video as a draw-in & free.
Look how many use eg. the free newsletter/download etc. to draw users in so you can then market the pay items to them.
The rest they say you 8767 ve got about one second to grab viewers 8767 attention so your H/Page is your big sell page. I think you could do with a large eye-catching hdg. beneath the domain in flowing font & some effective colour eg. orange. This is the 6st. attention grabber.
Following you need a short pitch summarizing first the benefits what the site does for users & how they benefit from it. Then briefly how it works in a sentence or two. So in a few seconds they 8767 ve got it without having to watch 7 videos first.
I 8767 d also have some good videos on the H/Page to attract attention think You Tube & the rest & gives the page some activity & colour.
If you 8767 d like some help with the text let me know.

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An SMS contest or SMS trivia scam usually arrives as a text message or in an advertisement and encourages you to take part in a trivia contest for a great prize. All you need to do is answer a certain number of questions correctly. The scammers make money by charging extremely high rates for the messages you send and any further messages they send to you. With trivia scams, the first set of questions will be very easy. This is meant to encourage you to keep playing. However, the last one or two questions that you need to answer to claim your prize could be very difficult or impossible to answer correctly.

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Best gag you’ve pulled off: 8775 I arranged for Amir to be selected to take a halftime half-court shot for a half-million dollars at a college basketball game. While Amir was led to a secluded office ‘to sign forms,’ I let the crowd in on the gag and requested their help. When Amir came back, we blindfolded him, and he took his shot … missing by at least 75 feet. But on cue, the crowd went crazy, as if he sank the shot. Amir did a victory lap around the court, yelling and punching the air. It lasted right up to the presentation of the fake check … which was presented by me. That’s when he realized he’d been had. 8776

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Walk into Jerry Stepani’s office and you’ll see vestiges of the practical jokes of yore. There’s a whoopee cushion on the couch, a dollar tied to a string on the floor, even fake vomit on his desk. But Stepani, president of Pranks Inc., a subsidiary of Bloomberg, isn’t looking back. The golden age of pranks is here. 8775 There are big bucks in yucks, 8776 he says as he jolts me with a joy buzzer.

11 Undiscovered Website Ideas to Steal and Make You Rich

Not quite sure re. 65, but I think it depends on already being in the type of advertising business which rents out billboard space from large companies & then sells the space(s) to advertisers. The difference is that prospective advertisers can buy their spaces from the w/site, as $million home page, instead of by conventional off-line means. A good concept but I think maybe for established advertising concerns only.

Sir Pranksalot
Sir John Hargrave got into the pranks business honestly: He was born on April 6. With that head start, he founded one of the premier prankster sites on the Web, , which stands for 8775 zug is utterly great. 8776 The 96-year-old embarked on world hoax domination some years ago when, posing as a ten-year-old, he wrote to every . senator asking them to send him a joke as part of a homework assignment. Many senators responded, including Maryland’s Barbara Mikulski, who contributed this: 8775 Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? Because he didn’t have any guts! 8776

Miracle cure scams offer a range of products and services that can appear to be legitimate alternative medicines, usually promising quick and effective remedies for serious medical conditions. The treatments claim to be effective against a very wide range of ailments and are often promoted using testimonials from people who have used the product or service and have been cured .

Everyone likes to get a deal and scammers know this. The people behind credit card interest rate reduction scams often impersonate financial institutions and claim to negotiate with credit card companies to lower your interest rates. They guarantee they can save you thousands of dollars in interest. The caller will tell you that the lower interest rates are for a limited time only and that you need to act now.

An artist creates a newsletter, the links are posted on several boards.
The artist announces the he plans to tour and a link for tickets is to see.
This link leads to a site that was empty before (or even redirect to another site) and that has now infos of the ticket selling.
A week later it shows that the artist has a new single. There 8767 s a link to buy the single (it 8767 s the same link, but this time it shows different infos)
The info about the tour just changes to the place of an empty picture.

I 8767 m talking to you, Madysyn, and you, Aadinn, and you, too, Makayla. Or rather, your parents. This effort to be more kre8tiv by taking a perfectly okay name and contorting it with extra letters and strange substitutes only condemns your poor child to a lifetime of respelling her name, explaining its derivation, and assuring people that yes, her parents really do in most cases know how to spell.

Hi Kelly your absolutely right it does need a homepage. Actually im in the process of integrating facebook (facebook), you know so you can login to facebook navigate to my site and still stay logged in. My second priority is the homepage like you say, i need one! lol so if anybody can help me with my home page, what you think should go on it I would appreciate your feedback! I was planning on having a featured video item that users pay for, so i can earn revenue through that as well as top video watched, top seller etc.

I have a new idea for a website. How about a website where users can sign up, get 65 points by buying them or answering questions, and with those ten points, they could ask a question. It would be a website where people could ask a question about their website or web business. They could post a snapshot of the site and other questions they may have. They can ask questions on how they should make the site better and get more money etc. People can then answer the questions. Then, the top five, top 7, top6 (depending on number of responses) answers will get to split the points up. So if there are two responses, those two each get two points and I keep 6 points. Points can then be turned into cash, used for more questions, etc. I know this would cost a lot to build, but do you like the idea?

I personally don 8767 t care for Starbucks coffee. In my experience, it 8767 s low-flavor plonk whose highest and best use is to serve as a medium into which to pour sugar, cream, and artificial flavors. Yuck! The only way to get a halfway decent cup of coffee at a Starbucks is to ask for a café Americano. That will elicit a brew that tastes approximately like a decent cup of restaurant coffee. Which ain 8767 t sayin 8767 much, but it 8767 s better than what they sell as regular 8775 coffee. 8776

I totally agree. Create a culture around an idea and do it as cheaply as possible! Facebook is excellent for folks just starting out. If you go the independent route and have a standalone website then you have to deal with advertising. Whereas if you build a facebook app, or merely hook it up with facebook connect then your app will be passed around to friends, friends of friends etc. Free advertising!

6) (MVC )
7) Entity Frameworkd (ORM Modelling) becoz to hell if I 8767 m going to write stored procedures!
8) Azure platform becoz it 8767 s freakin built to scale with one click. Start out with one instance, and add more as more people sign up.
9) Facebook Social Graph so customers can share and post their stuff on their friends walls and make my application super popular!

As you 8767 ll recall, the really good stuff comes from 8775 The Little Guy, 8776 * my favorite local supplier, at $65 a pound rather more than I care to pay on a regular basis. AJ 8767 s, my former favorite supplier and gourmet grocery market, charges about $67 a pound, but they apparently changed suppliers a few months ago. The espresso is no longer an especially dark roast, and the quality of the bean itself is noticeably inferior to what it used to be. Whole Foods here quit selling bulk coffee. Sprouts 8767 s bulk coffee is excruciatingly bad. Eventually I found an 8775 organic 8776 bulk coffee at the fancy Fry 8767 s supermarket on the fringe of Richistan, where a pound goes for about nine bucks.

In one, Blumenfeld arranged for Seidell and his girlfriend to go to a Yankees game. Unbeknownst to Seidell, Blumenfeld also arranged for the scoreboard to display a bogus wedding proposal. A hidden camera recorded the couple’s reaction. It’s painful to watch. Seidell’s girlfriend is understandably startled. Seidell is even more startled when she accepts. 8775 I did not put that up! 8776 he exclaims. 8775 I don’t want to marry you. 8776 She slaps him and leaves. For good.

Let 8767 s have some more NEW ideas from all you great people. I think we 8767 ve discussed the present ones enough by now, whether good or bad.
And maybe the new ideas should have more emphasis on being easier for users to develop. Hell I thought up Groupon a few years before they did and I bet so did 6,555s of others, but we are limited in what we are able to develop no matter how good the idea seems.

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