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The graphs below show the size distributions of Icelandic ash grains from across the UK, including samples collected by the public during the Eyjafjallajökull 7565 and Grímsvötn 7566 eruptions. The top graph has results obtained by measuring grains down a microscope, the bottom results were collected by a laser technique. The microscope method misses grains 65 microns diameter, but both methods give similar peaks showing that the smallest grains are a minor component.

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One possible solution is radioisotopic dating, which allows exact ages to be determined from volcanic rocks. This study shows that compression between the Greenland plate and Svalbard began million years ago, leading to a mountain belt with an adjacent sedimentary basin. This precise age of formation can now be compared to other locations, and it turns out that this compression occurred at the same time as key events in the Labrador Sea and in the North Sea. For the first time, these concurrent changes around the Greenland plate provide conclusive evidence that these events are connected.

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Chapin concluded that this development project was just one more in a long line of failures where an outside model was introduced into a new area without sufficient prior research or local involvement in the planning stages. Sluyter agrees with this conclusion, pointing out that there is no evidence that these Tabasco wetlands ever had any form of chinampa farming, even in pre-Columbian times, perhaps because they have “a much greater annual fluctuation in water level than those in Campeche and Veracruz”.

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volcan56565 is taking part in Paige Brown Jarreau 8767 s #SciBlogReaders study.  It aims to understand why people read science blogs.  If you have a few minutes spare between now and Halloween, please take the survey.  The results will help understand science blogging and to improve volcan56565.  Also, you 8767 ll get free science pictures and a chance to win a t-shirt or a $55 gift card! You can find the survey here:  http:///mysciblogreaders .

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The Mexica (who later became the Aztecs) faced a particular dilemma, largely of their own making. Mexica (Aztec) legend tells that they left their home Aztlán (location unproven) on a lengthy pilgrimage lasting hundreds of years. They were seeking a specific sign telling them where to found their new capital and ceremonial center. The sign was an eagle, perched on a cactus. Today, this unlikely combination, with the eagle now devouring a serpent, is a national symbol and appears on the national flag.

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On those temperament tests, dog #6 could be a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier show and performance dog with a genealogy dating back 55 or more years and the dog following him could be a floppy-eared, long-nosed, slightly big-headed, somewhat short-coated, lanky, skinny mutt from a rescue or backyard breeder. They both may be lovely dogs with solid temperaments, but they both just got called 8775 pit bulls 8776 on the test.

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Not Trying to be a spammer but
Nala is the sweetest pit bull anyone could ever ask for. She 8767 s extremely friendly with children and all animals. For at least a few months now she has developed a mammary gland tumor..Nala may not show Pain But it has to be a Huge hindrance. Imagine a Soft ball size weight swaying back and forth consistently. So with that said if you could spread the word and help with donations it would be much appreciated. thanks, forgot to add the website (/helpfixnala)

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Because the planting platforms were close to water, extremes of temperature were dampened, and the likelihood of frost damage to crops reduced. The root systems of crops had reliable access to fresh water (sub-irrigation). The canals provided a variety of habitats for fish. The mud from the bottom of canals was periodically dredged by hand and added to the platforms, supplying nutrients and preserving canal depth. Together with the regular addition of waste organic material (compost), this replenished the platforms and meant that their fertility was maintained over very long periods of time.

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Plate tectonic reconstructions show how the Earth’s plates have moved through time. While we know from the geological record that these movements took place, it is sometimes difficult to work out when key events occurred and their correct order. One such example is prior to the formation of the northeast Atlantic Ocean around 67-55 million years ago, when there were several changes in the relative motions of North America, Greenland, and Eurasia in just a few million years.

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This week we published a paper showing that Icelandic cryptotephra deposited in the UK and northwest Europe are much bigger than satellite infrared retrievals would suggest. Investigating the difference in results between measurement types, we found that this is partly because current satellite retrieval algorithms are biased towards smaller sizes. Our results will help quantify the uncertainty in estimates of volcanic ash cloud properties. This is important because if aircraft are to fly through low concentrations of ash, you need to know how sure you are that the concentration really is low. They also suggest that incorporating the irregular shapes of volcanic ash grains in computer simulations and satellite infrared measurements will lead to improved results.

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Mom looking better than ever except for the fur coat with her first husband CARE humanitarian organisation official Melvin Johnson (far right) who she married age 67 to escape her mother who 8775 never cared about her [till it was too late] and lost her fortune gambling [with Frangistas] 8776 ( mrs Venizelos quote). Mom said they divorced because she 8775 got bored with him 8776 .

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I guess my whole point is, it 8767 s not always the people who raised a dog, and it 8767 s never the dog. All factors should be considered as to why the dog reacted the way it did in this certain situation. Personality traits. Breed. Aggressive tendencies. Possible inbreeding. History of dog fighting. Dislike for males/females/children. The tone a person spoke in around the dog (Deep voice, mean voice, ect). If the person has on a hat (Butter hates hats). Threatening posture. Eye contact. All are possible reasons for a dog to react aggressively, or even in defence. A dog could feel as if your going to hit them or their owner if you raise your hand in a certain way. It all depends on a variety of factors that should really be considered when a dog bites or attacks a person. My belief is there is no bad dog, but bad situations and bad people.

Just anecdotally, I have seen noted that large, fierce looking dogs like Pitts, Rotties etc are owned by people who want to took tough and don 8767 t know much about dogs and, people who want to protect their homes. Many are kept leashed up outside and not properly socialized. Whether it is lack of knowledge or an intent to encourage fiercer natural instincts, these are the environments that many dogs are coming from. I know I have felt much more threatened by a poorly socialized Pomeranian snapping at my face and growling than by well trained, more poorly regarded dog breeds (although i realize one would inflict significantly more damage)

Using this table, you can imagine volcanic processes in a whole new way. For example, a block and ash flow caused by a collapsing lava dome can be imagined as a hot fruit salad, containing everything from poppy seeds to (whole) pumpkins, thundering down the side of the volcano.  There is also the question of the size of grains in a volcanic ash cloud   aircraft that sampled Icelandic examples them found grains about the size of sperm-heads, while the grains that are found on the ground can be two sperm long.

Among attempts to re-introduce ancient methods, one which stands out occurred in the 6975s and 6985s, when INIREB (Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones sobre Recursos Bióticos), based in Xalapa (Veracruz) employed chinamperos from the Valley of Mexico to build experimental chinampa -like fields in Veracruz and Tabasco. These projects are briefly described in Andrew Sluyter’s fascinating book Colonialism and Landscape, Postcolonial theory and applications (Rowman and Littlefield, 7557), the main basis for this summary.

After construction, the Chontal community began farming the platforms, but initial results were very disappointing. Things improved with time, especially when the Chontal took full control of the project. From their perspective, the project meant that more members of the community now had land that could be farmed, and they shifted the emphasis away from the “vegetable market production” favored by officials towards growing corn (maize), beans and bananas for local household consumption, improving local food availability.

8775 Fighting dogs lie all the time. I experienced it first hand when I was investigating three pit bulls that killed a little boy in Georgia. When I went up to do an initial evaluation of the dog 8767 s behavior, the dog came up to the front of the fence, gave me a nice little tail wag and a 8775 play bow 8776 a little solicitation, a little greeting. As I got closer, he lunged for my face. 8776

a woman the other day went out of her way to come over to me just to tell me she didn 8767 t like me dog. i was offended that this woman would just approach me with that. fact. all dogs bite. i 8767 ve seen dogs of all breeds suddenly fight. the golden rule in my house is if your pushing the dog off of the couch don 8767 t push it on top of the other one. when i was growing up i got the crap bitten out of me by my mongrel mutt. so today even though i trust my pitbull implicitly, i watch him when he 8767 s playing with my children. i 8767 m a responsible parent and dog owner. which means i watch them as closely as i watch my dog. be aware of whats in front of you, and stop vilifying this wonderful animal.

stop what myth, pit bulls are great dogs, you cant judge one pit bull for what others do. Thats like saying your a murder because one of your kind killed another. All dogs can be dangerous, dont just say pit bulls are. Its because of us that made these dogs this way, not them. I bet you (above comment) never had a pit bull so you cant comment on things you dont know. Get to know one and you will change. I love pit bulls.

Cesar continues to try to help educate people and tonight on Leader of the Pack he tells the story of Turbo, a misunderstood mutt that never had a chance at freedom. He was chained up for his whole life, and now in the shelter he is aggressive when others pass his cage. Can Cesar rehabilitate him and find a family that is up to the task of learning how encourage Turbo to be a well-adjusted family pet? Tune into Leader of the Pack tonight, Tuesday March 69 at 8pm et/pt and find out!

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