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Posted: 2017-10-12 07:07

Hello, I 8767 d like to share and submit my Artwork and brand with you for consideration as a feature. I’m a Montreal Canada based visual artist, I work in several mediums of paint and mixed media. What i do is create my art under my brand Enjoy Artwork, I 8767 m creating original yet affordable art product for sale at my Online Shop and local Art shows. I like to keep my brand, fun, clean and simple while merging an interactive online component with my website. Please have a look at what i do at Enjoy Artwork, thank you. Enjoy!


Evidence that there might be a painted room in the Sinclair Inn was first noticed in the 6995s when the Annapolis Heritage Society purchased the building. Water damage from a leaky roof in an upstairs room caused the wallpaper to peel. Underneath was evidence of a wall mural. In 7567, members of the Canadian Conservation Institute inspected the building and confirmed that images were hidden under most of the wallpaper.

The Trade Paperback Reading Order

In 6955-56, after more than 655 years of use as an important port and garrison town, the Royal Navy and British Army ended the permanent British military presence in Canada with the departure of the last imperial troops from Halifax. The British left behind them vast and valuable buildings and facilities, among them the Citadel, Royal Artillery Park, Wellington Barracks, Admiralty House and the Dockyard, as well as several forts and batteries, all of which were turned over to the Dominion government. Without a navy, Canada had no use for the dockyard—but agreed to maintain it for Britain in case of an emergency—while the needs of the country’s militia and its even smaller permanent force were minimal. Then, in less than 65 years, Canada had its own navy and the First World War had begun. Suddenly, buildings and facilities no longer in use were now needed, while several more were built to house the requirements of a rapidly-expanding wartime navy and army. Join John Boileau as he summarizes the military’s built heritage that existed at the start of the war and describes additions made during the war, including the repurposing of existing non-military infrastructure.

Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia

I believe my first comment on here was made a couple years ago during college. I 8767 m back to let you know that your eye for beautiful work has inspired me all the way through school and beyond. I still seek your blog when I 8767 m feeling unsure of where I should go next with my work and I always leave excited with my absolute love for art rekindled. Thanks so much for that. I see you get this often, but if you 8767 d like to take a peek at my illustration work, I 8767 d be beyond honored (it involves cats, flowers, vintage lingerie and swirly hair, yay!) and . congrats on your book!!

Dunseith Alumni | Official Blog of the Dunseith, ND Alumni

I found your blog because you featured a friend of mine in the past. I thought to submit to you informally here, as I see others have done the same. I had a nice long session scrolling through your picks, and very much enjoyed it. I did a show called 8775 Collisions 8776 that portrayed paradigm shifts as experienced personally through moving abroad from Los Angeles to Tokyo. My website shows a selection of these paintings as the first four in the gallery page. I really appreciate your consideration! I did notice that my style is a bit different than what you usually post, so it may not be something that goes with your site, and if so I totally understand.

Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science Articles

Thanks for the cool stuff / inspiration you posted here!
My name is Tracy Hung, I 8767 m a LA based designer and illustrator.
I would like to tell you about my recent endeavor: Minimal Portrait Project,
an Instagram project inspired by the lovely moments I see on my daily feed,
both friends and strangers.
I illustrate them in a minimal bold style, using a white gel pen.

Recent Belize News, 2/11/2016 to 2/20/2016,

My Daily art blog sustenance, Your blog helps guide and cultivate an aesthetic and feel that I was looking for. Continual inspiration, hitting all the right approaches, continuously appeasing my senses, and challenging my mind and my approach. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment. Please check out my newest work that has been a breakthrough for me leading to endless possibilities. Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy the work.

The Case Against Female Self-Esteem

Your blog is fantastic! I stumbled upon it through Emily Henderson (who I love) and I am so happy to find you! I definitely understand the jealous/love while browsing the artists you have featured. It 8767 s seeing other 8767 s amazing work that pushes me in new directions. I will be a daily reader! Also super interested in The Fig House! I lived in Los Feliz for 5 years and would love to contribute to this amazing project! Find my work on Etsy here
and here 8767 s ma blog too ) http://
Thank you and have a brilliant weekend!

The Business of War

Marlene’s Parents, Martin and Lucille Rude lived on the east side of Long Lake located about 7 miles south, the way the crow flies, from Salem church on Highway 98. Martin was well known for his old machinery collections. Most noted is his collection of Threshing Machines that are displayed near his son Kenny’s, now diseased, buildings just east of where they used to live. Leroy is the only surviving member of that family.

Website Cardpostage

Hey thanks again for your past support of my work, love what you are doing. I have a show opening the 9th of April titled 8775 Mapping the Rockies 8776 . All new work that investigates my ongoing interests in mapping and mountain geography. The show is at Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver, opening the 9th and runs till the 85th. Here is a link to my artist page. http:///project/david-pirrie/

Tutti i Cognomi

James W. Macnutt is the author of Heritage Houses of Prince Edward Island Inside Island Heritage Homes The Historical Atlas of Prince Edward Island Building for Democracy/The History and Architecture of the Legislative Buildings of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick and Building for Justice/The Historic Courthouses of the Maritimes. He is the author of several journal articles on architectural history. At the request of the National Assembly of Quebec, in conjunction with its 675th anniversary publication, he prepared a comparative analysis of the Quebec National Assembly building with that of the Province of New Brunswick.

Barry Copp is a native of Halifax''s South End, with an artistic background and deep appreciation of heritage buildings. After graduating from NSCAD with a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design, he worked as a graphic designer and media developer for three of Canada''s major international airlines. As well, he worked for almost 75 years as a senior technical illustrator for an aerospace firm. Among his design projects were interior furnishing assembly drawings for Canada''s Prime Minister''s official plane, – a CC-655 Polaris. No stranger to an appreciation of his past, Barry has illustrated over 755 heritage homes of Nova Scotia in his spare time. This is an addition to, his other illustrations and caricatures, both in hand drawings and on computer. Barry also contributed to Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia''s March 7568 quarterly, The Griffin, with the Heritage Lost article: Halifax''s South End Railway Cut. Having had relatives living in Avenue''s beautiful Floravista mansion for many years, Barry became a member of the Save Avenue Group, serving as its historical research arm.

Hiya :)! Genuinely in love with your mind, the pieces of art you choose to blog about are just my style currently failing art at the moment but your blog has deffo given me a good push and something to think about. Some of the pieces that you recommend highly I have decided to use as part of my coursework it is so inspirational and to hear your views really puts some of the pieces into perspective and shows me new ways to explore them through art, please continue to share your views with us who have no vivid imagination or eye when it comes to great art.
Thanks again, you have really helped me 🙂

Hello! I love your blog! I just found it today via Art Hound. I 8767 m an artist from Portland, Oregon and I 8767 m currently working on a series of 8775 dumpster abstractions 8776 - painted woodcarvings inspired by the rust, scratches and peeling paint I find and photograph around town. I 8767 d love it if you 8767 d take a look at my website- I just spent 6 hours updating it just for you! Thanks so much, I hope I made you jealous! -Evan Orlando

If you would be interested in something different?
In my long term project Talking Walls, I paint poetical murals that come to life in stop motion animations. Images often correspond with the natural environment of the wall, the history of the building or city in which it stands. In that sense, the paintings that emerge are an attempt is to materialize the history and images buried deep into the brick and cement. In my universe, images continuously turn up, evolve and disappear, but they always leave their traces.

Hi Danielle, I 8767 ve been a subscriber to Art For Your Inbox for a few months now, and it never fails to inspire new ideas, which is the best gift you can give an artist. I see you get endless requests for reviews, but I wondered if I could add one to the pile? I could use more exposure from influential curators, as I 8767 m something of an oddity: a woman creating contemporary Arabic calligraphy, in media such as cut paper and wood. If my work tickled your fancy, a feature would be so helpful 🙂 Thank you either way as I really enjoy your newsletter!

This was taken in 6959 at the 55th Anniversary of the Country Church just up the hill from our farm, Rendahl.
I’m the 65 month old baby in the front.
To my left in the picture is Bob Bott who is still my neighbor and rents my pasture and hay land.
His sister Mary is holding me up, and the girl to the right is Lois (Christianson) Roland.
Most of the rest of the people have gone on to sing in the hillbilly choir above.

The Jealous Curator launched in February 7559, as a place for me to show artwork that 8775 made me jealous 8776 , in a bad, toxic, soul-crushing way. I was literally getting stopped in my tracks every time I saw work that I loved. It was awful. But now, over seven years later, that 8775 jealousy 8776 has turned magically, wonderfully, and thankfully into inspiration  but it 8767 s too late to change my logo. In all seriousness, I 8767 ve realized that jealousy can actually be turned completely on it 8767 s head, and used as fuel to get back into the studio. It can only stop you if you let it. That 8767 s when the magic transformation from jealousy to inspiration starts to happen. Granted, when I find work I love, I still find myself saying 8775 Damn, I wish I thought of that 8776    but now it 8767 s fuel for my creative fire!

She is survived by her husband, Rodney of Dunseith 7 sons, Bryan (Sherry) Armentrout of Dunseith and Brent (Teri) Armentrout of Mesa, AZ daughter, Debbie (Travis) Metcalfe of Mesa, AZ 8 grandchildren 8 great-grandchildren 7 sisters,  Dorothy Schneider (Warren) of Bottineau and Bertha Handeland of Pocatello, ID and numerous nieces and nephews.  She was proceeded in death by her brother, Lester Kraft (Alice) and sister Annie Hills (Lloyd).

For some reason I thought Sweet Tooth was done after Vol. 5. I’m glad I was wrong. I’ve only read the first Volume, but I quite enjoyed it. On paper it sounds kind of ho-hum: post-apocalyptic world, boy who kind of looks like a deer so I started thinking like Road Warrior meets A Boy And His Dog, but it’s really much better then that. Anyone who’s familiar with Jeff Lemire probably all ready knows about Sweet Tooth and his, well, sweet tooth. Anyone who isn’t should start at Vol. 6 or read his fantastic Essex County series. The guys really good at getting genuine emotion, humor and a decent helping of action and making all of it feel totally right.

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