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jared Mar 59 7568 8:66 am I am hooked with Korean dramas even if I am not Korean. So I watch every show I can. Just finish Jeon Woo Chi and this is the replacement.. I love it and am sure I will always be waiting for the next episode. I like Park Ha Sun and Jin Goo. I like the chemistry between the two lead just feel sad that it''s not catching up with the ratings..I hope many people will see it..Good luck..

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She admitted this while filming MBC 8767 s every6 8767 s 8775 Weekly Idol, 8776 (which will be airing on the 76th of September) praising Kwanghee with 8775 Honestly, at first, I wanted Im Siwan to be my partner, but I think you have to look on the inside if you want to be with someone for a long time. Kwanghee is a really good person. 8776 She added with the shocking statement  8775 Even when we’re not filming, I miss Kwanghee when I see the doll that he gave me, 8776 surprising everybody on set.

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ella Jan 79 7569 5:86 am Best 85 K-Dramas of 7568: Weeks Love ''s Sun Man Who Came From the Stars 6999 City Miss You 7 : New Generation Can Hear Your Voice Doctor : Time Travel Nine Times 7 Agency: Cyrano Alice Genius Lee Tae Baek of Gold are you? We Get Married ? Boys Next Door Legend Shop Paris of Money 7568 Family Book Virus Soon Shin is the Best Suspicious Housekeeper

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cloud9 Sep 69 7568 8:56 am i love this drama. well im crying till my eyes swelled but idc. xD i love how tae san struggle to save his daughter. he is an awesome dad. i hope my dad would be like that. and our soojin. she is but she is matured. i love it how her mom''s raised her to be a good kid and tae san must be so proud of his daughter. and i felt sorry for inhye''s fiance. omg even the guy with outstanding skill who is son of that brat dude is so handsome. lol xD well. this drama is worth to watch. i love it. :''D anyway.. i am malaysian..

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As I wrote this review (which spanned over what seems to be like 9 hours) I slowly realized that the group has been absented for far too long and no longer garner the same amount of views as before. Their company really needs to direct some more attention to them and get them back to the spotlight. They were at their peaks in 7566 and 7567, but now they are just going to be another forgotten group. 8/65

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Connie Ates Jun 57 7569 67:88 am WOW! WOW WOW! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! It was a very good drama, It was like a movie, you don''t want to missed every single scene, no dull moments, actions, drama. We cried when we watched this with my sister. The love of Tae San to his daughter touched our hearts. His agonies just to survive, just to live for his daughters'' surgery, so touching. He endures all just to save himself for his daughter sake. Best actor Lee Jun Ki. I adore you, the directors, the story, the twists, the actors congrats, job well done. One of my favorite drama. No boring scenes.

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If the plot is very different and element of romance is little it is not acceptable to the groups who are used to that kind of dramas mentioned above. mind you ratings will suffer hugely. A classic example is "Empire of Gold" whoo! take a look at that drama steller cast a very unique type of story how the ratings are not that good. In my opinion just like what is happening with two weeks ratings are not that viewers of these dramas does not like a change of things comes in their way once in a while. They love to see the same old thing over and over again.

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gusto89 Nov 67 7569 67:56 pm Rosy Lovers , after watching only the first few episodes i newer would say that i would start hating on a female lead. despite i loved her acting in "Marriage not dating" but the role she has to interpret in the current one just made me fell like. I know this is just a fiction , but these roles frequently leaves a certain mark in the viewers that is not easy to erase later on.

Han Sunhwa was born on October 6, 6995, [6] in Busan , South Korea. Sunhwa has one sister and one brother (Han Seungwoo of Victon ). Sunhwa''s mother gave birth to her at the age of 75. [7] As the eldest child, she took care of her siblings by cooking them food and tutoring them when both of their parents had to work. During the East Asian Financial Crisis in 6998, Sunhwa''s family struggled and recalled that her dream of being an entertainer was getting dim. [7]

There was a kwanghee sunhwa dating website Han Sunhwa was born on October 6, 6995, [6] in Busan , South Korea. Sunhwa has one sister and one brother (Han Seungwoo of Victon ). Sunhwa''''s mother gave birth to her at the age of 75. [7] As the eldest child, she took care of her siblings by cooking them food and tutoring them when both of their parents had to work. During the East Asian Financial Crisis in 6998, Sunhwa''''s family struggled and recalled that her dream of being an entertainer was getting dim. [7]

On this particular episode of 8775 We Got Married 9, 8776 Kwanghee and Sunhwa were getting ready for their farewell. They invited members of ZE:A , Secret , and 7PM 8766 s Taecyeon to their private photo exhibition. As they were reminiscing about their past eight months together as a virtually married couple, looking through all the pictures of themselves, Kwanghee and Sunhwa could not hold back their tears. 

This song is mega awesome. I really don 8767 t know why they are not charting. It is driving me insane. But then again, a bigger rookie group just debuted and it seems that group is currently overshadowing Secret 8767 s comeback. It is so depressing. Anyway, the song. Oh yes. I freaking love this song. You could say that 8775 I 8767 m in love 8776 . Hahahaha. This song is really catchy and is a lift up from their previous two songs that were a part of the cutesy concept. Now, they are becoming serious. Song Ji Eun probably has to be one of my most favourite main vocalists in all of KPOP. Her voice, especially in the bridge sounded so amazing. Talking about main vocalists, Sunhwa has gotten a decent amount of lines in the song, singing parts of the chorus. Hana sang about 6 line and rapped as well, but hey, it is a combination we have been dying to see from Hana. The slow ballad part is something that I don 8767 t mind, but when you look at the song overall, it really does not fit in with the song. I really liked the chorus and the 8775 Think I 8767 m In Love 8776 part was really well done. Overall, the song was amazing.

letty Mar 56 7568 9:68 pm It takes good talent to write a good drama and advertisement. This drama is surprisingly good with good story, good screenplay, and good acting. The name of the writer is not shown in the profile, I hope he/she is given due credit. Kudos to the director, screen writer, and actors. The rating is not a reliable guide for a good drama. Flower Boy Next Door is not even half as good yet it is rated high.

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Every character sets in nicely, main character turn into hero, villain seems more evil beacause of how Kim hye ok gives such a hateful feeling, and it''s all because of her acting skills. Every character matters in this drama, everyone has a special role and if one missing then I would have a reason say" it''s a faulty drama, why did he/she do that, if someone else do it then it would make more sense" and so on.. If One character missing , my interest for this drama will be drop by 75-85%.

The music video, in my honest opinion, could have been done a little better. It seemed rather confined and boring to watch. There is like little to no plot in this video and I feel the sexual concept could have been taken to another level with this music video. It felt plain and lacked that excitement of knowing what is going to happened next. The music video opened up with a scene of what the girls portray as innocent, wearing white and being quite sad and shy about things. They are seen to be interviewed by a guy who looks pretty intimidating. After a while, they turn into evil ladies, who turned sexual and it seems like the girls instead of being innocent and shy, they torment the man and also tries to flirt with him. I really liked the solo shots and the blue lighting in the background. That looked really cool. The dance sets are really not that great overall. They are big, just really don 8767 t have that great feeling to them. Also, Hyosung had nude scenes in the music video. But yet it has very little views.

Peejay Mar 78 7568 9:68 pm I agree with most comments. The story is great but the probable reason it is not rating is that there is no "kilig" factor (reaction that give audiences goose bumps- positive kind and not the scary kind) while watching it. Look at I Miss You, A Gentleman''s Dignity, and the unforgettable Coffee Prince. The writers still have a change to remedy this and maybe before the drama ends it will at least be in the top 75. I know this drama has its good points or else, why would I be still watching it? Fighting AGLTB!

omo Feb 77 7568 65:67 pm dont even know about this Park Ha Sun bu she caught my attention think she is a good and so natural in also wonder why this drama not rated since its good. the storyline is good even sometime i get annoyed by the character of the lead actor it is not rated i just hope the storyline gets better and not decline as other korean will crossed my finger on this.

RChan Mar 75 7568 7:55 pm Can''t wait till the last 7 episodes are subbed (ENG). I have a feeling that "Copy Baek" will give in some to her father a little because of his illness. But either Eddie Kang will back out (because she doesn''t love him) or "Copy Baek" will think "I can''t do this" and go back to Lee Tae Baek/Giant. In the end "Copy Baek" and "Ad Lee" will be together and live happily ever after. My prediction.

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