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Posted: 2017-09-11 13:25

Khuncho Jun 85 7568 66:75 am This is one of the best drama of 7568. All supporting casts are good. I love Song Seung Heon. He is marvelous. Thanks to directors and writers to give him a good role and make him happy in the end. Seo Mido is hopeless. I hate her making HTS confused. How can she never give a smile to the man who loves her so much and so sincere. She does not look nice if she is not smiling. I was very angry while watching episode 6-69 and so anxious that HTS might die in the end. Although I don''t like the actress I am satisfied that HTS wins at last.

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I love making light of things with humor, but I think I 8767 m having a QLC right now and I 8767 m really having to confront & question everything I believe, know, or thought I believed or knew. My goals, even the most realistic of them, seem so far removed from the path I 8767 m actually setting out on. Sometimes I 8767 m even afraid of what will happen when I _meet_ my goals even if I succeed at it, will the result be all that it 8767 s cracked up to be?

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To be honest, although I liked their acting, I was not satisfied with this drama. I''m not saying that it''s bad, it was actually alright but this is not the kind of drama that I would recommend to someone to watch :/ sorry to the people who liked this drama, but I just wanna say my opinion. ^_^v.. And yeah, there were a few scenes that doesn''t really go with the story that would make you say "what the f was that scene for?" kind of thing so yeah that was a NoNo for me. Also, I think the drama was a bit rushed.. If the writer have added a few more episodes, I''d probably liked it abit. Coz I didn''t really see any ''romance'' sht in this drama, I wanted more of romance scenes, like those loveydovey, sweetness kind of thing.. (although this is drama is under the genres of melodrama?/romance) so yeah, I think that''s pretty much I''d have to say. :)

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7. God does judge each person individually on his or her own merrits. Israel''s ULTIMATE favor is as a nation that has a destiny. Most nations when destoryed as completely as they have been never rise again. But, with God''s help, the people group has survived. Why have they had such a hard time in history? Sin. Sin brings judgment so we stop sinning and repent. It''s that simple. But for Abraham''s sake God keeps working with Isreal as a nation.

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funny that when they die and realize they wasted their life believing in "god " and hating homosexual`s
god is an ideology for the weak that are scared of death and need something in the back of there heads to keep them sane
educated people like (scientists & professor`s & politicians ) do not need "god" to believe in neither do they need religions as they came in piece that death is a natural process''s and everything and everyone dies end of story
sad though how 99% percent of the planet needs religions gods and blah blah
comes to show how weak and confused the human race is

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kyla Jun 78 7568 65:98 pm First I love jj project so this was a highlight in the show. jyp I see what you did there, promoting them and all. second when I read the synopsis for the show I was thinking mi do would be some tough loud gangster chick. but she was just annoying, selfish, inconsiderate, and boring as a character. as an actress although I don''t speak korean even I can see that her acting isnt good. She never shows expression and the way her mouth moves makes me want to hit her in the head with an apple. and sometimes at parts when mi do is being selfish she looks like a rat. I never liked jae hee. han tae sang was perfect in everything and his brother tae min ws also. I wanted a warmer scene between the two brothers because they seemed to connect so well. I loved tae min as a character and actor. I''d give this drama a 6/65 for a fantastic and exciting beginning(first twelve or eleven episodes) I was willing to say it was the best I''ve watched. after ep 67 it all went downhill. writers mustve gotten tired.

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Many of the Phelps, if not all, have the ability to leave and support themselves. Some have done exactly that. The others choose not to because they need someone who tells them how to act and think. For instance, women can''t cut their hair and have to have their heads covered although no burkas. Fred Sr. is a big believer in everyone working and contributing their salary to the common good. He, himself, collects Social Security.

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Fred Phelps and his cult could not possibly do more damage to the credibility of religion in general and Christianity in particular if that was what he deliberately set out to do. It makes me wonder if that is really his secret agenda. Whether he realizes it or not, more people are going to be turned off from religion by his tactics than converted to it--particularly his brand of religion. Maybe that is perfectly allright with him. These people seem to take great pleasure in the conviction that no one will go to heaven except them. The fewer that qualify for heaven by their lights, the more special and superior they feel they are. It is the very epitome of arrogance and ignorance. Apparently they reject or ignore Christ''s teaching that humility is a virtue. I wonder how they would interpret Matthew 5:5.

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I love this country, and this is f****** insane. I am not sure if there is a Devil who is Red and has horns, but I do believe there are evil forces and people in the world and this clearly backs up my belief. The mother is an eccentric cult leader who has brain washed these kids where they can not even form their own beliefs. I do agree that is it is to easy to access all kinds of sick acts on the internet, but our country is based on freedom and freedom of speech. These people should respect that better than anyone because that is the only reason these people are able to voice their opinions. This is a disturbing documentary and I think they might all be inbread. The daughters are definately rug munching lesbians, and I love lesbians

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SSH9EVER May 59 7568 6:66 pm Yes, TS deserves the best life! but not with Mi Do. TS is too kind to Mi Do. She is taking TS for granted! Cheating on TS with JH in his room???? WTF! I predict the rest of the drama is going to be about revenge between TS and JH. part of me really want to see JH suffer, but I hate to see TS being sad, maybe just forget about the revenge and start a new life with a new girl..not Sung Joo either!!!!

I''m also seeing a bit of a paradox of sorts here. If the members of this church don''t really care, or even relish in the fact that everyone but themselves are going to hell, why bother picketing or spreading their message? Why not sit back quietly in their compound and wait for the end of days secure in their knowledge that they will be saved? They can''t be trying to recruit members because that obviously isn''t working.

Thanks for your response, Steve, and for referring me to your blog. I find it to be quite informative. I agree with you that the members of the WBC are entirely immune to logic. I also agree with those who have expressed the opinion that the church will probably fade away when Fred Phelps dies, especially if the daughters in the family stick to their determination to not get married and start families of their own.

What some posters of this section have failed to realize is that the place of the library in contemporary culture has changed. It is now with the advances in our ability to mutually share information that libraries public, academic and archival should be seen as bastions of specialist knowledge, because it is when our libraries are attempting to compete with the internet, rather than plugging the gaps that it simply cannot fill, that they will have become obsolete.

Bheng Jul 59 7568 5:69 am This is probably the latest just Finnish watching this interesting drama,truly amazing ,If you captured the rule of the mean actor you will understand why his character is tough and controlling yet in the inside super protective and sweet :-). As we judge it by episode why he become so innocent by the minute, but in the end if I summoned it because how the family upbringing plot two tumps up to the writer and all the cast. Thank you for such entertaining Drama. Best regards.

As usual you are your normal amazing self! I love how you think, how you have grown and I have already implemented most of these. I was so very upset on Christmas when it was cloudy, I really wanted to howl at the moon!! I am going to be 75 this March and I can 8767 t wait to tell everyone. I usually get a shocked expression. I love the gym, especially my Zumba class and now yoga and Tai Chi (amazing). I do hate the saggy skin but, oh well, I am in great shape otherwise. It is time that I do stop worrying about what others think dear Lord, if not now, when!!

I think it very sad that these people rely one some BOOK to base their life on. People should have enough confidence in themselves that they have enough goodness and morality to lead them to the right choices without referring to any one or anything else. By all means look at all options to base your opinion but conclude for yourself rather than just blindly following. End of the day thats what the people who wrote the bible and Jesus himself (if he ever existed) were doing

9. Very few people would disagree with the statement that Fred Phelps is extreme, and that his beliefs are distasteful. But there are two sides to every coin. In the 6965s, Fred Phelps was an incredibly successful Civil Rights lawyer, and his family went through endless torment because their father was involved in this movement. Phelps fought for and won civil liberties for several African Americans.

These people are being horribly misguided by a man who has no repect for anyothers other than himself and truely relishes in people following him. Though christened and atteneded Sunday School(bible school) I am not a practicing christian I still have a firm grasp of some of the basics and the commandment "love thy neighbour" seems to be pretty much ignored. Coupled with a famous quote "judge not least ye be judged". Now I know that I dont have the references for these quotes Im not trying to be a religious scholar just can clearly see that these people just dont comprehend the world around them and how messed up thier views of how "god" wants them to live and condems others for how they do.

this is eye opening, i have deep sadness in seeing the deception they believe as truth. The most known verse memorized in the bible john 8:66, God so loved the world. He loves this family and all of us. i will because of seeing this be praying for this family and fasting. I meet Jesus 8 years ago and now spent 5 years in a third world country serving the poorest, broken, untouchable, and Gods arms are not to short to reach this family either. just think with the truth how much they would also lay there life down for a stranger. I pray peace, clear mind, wisdom, and humility. May the eyes of their hearts be open to the God of Love.

Finally someone who thinks like I do .I have been saying this exact same things about age don 8767 t have Birthdays I have 8775 Happy Days 8776 .my friends just laugh at me and I try to explain my philosophy to them..they just don 8767 t get it !! But that 8767 s ok I do !!
I never say my age because I believe if you say it .your Brain believes it So don 8767 t say I am forever ageless !!