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Ezekiel Elliott Docs Reveal Mysterious NFL Relationship

Posted: 2017-10-13 09:29

The entire NFL process, no matter how fancy they try to make it sound, is deeply conflicted. They’re an employer whose main job is to keep teams on the field while the fans are happy and the cash is rolling in. The problem for decades was that there was evidence of the NFL and other sports leagues using their power and influence to downplay accusations or even make investigations involving their players magically disappear. Victims who call police want help and fair investigations, not cops asking for autographs.

The Rams And Chargers Did Some Fightin'

The NFL and Jerry Jones don’t care if Elliott really did beat up Thompson, or if he didn’t, or if maybe it’s a complicated situation, or if maybe it isn’t. They care, as they have always cared, about getting the right PR spin on it so that nobody will feel bad about forking over thousands of dollars to visit Cowboys stadium and watch Elliott run. While they’re at it, they’d like to use concerns about domestic-violence victims to gain more power to enforce a personal-conduct policy that is so arbitrary it doles out longer suspension for marijuana than for beating your partner—while, apparently, working with America’s district attorneys. This is what “ getting it right ” looks like with the NFL—an arbitrary power grab that helps nobody except the likes of Jones, the billionaire who just wants to keep on making more billions.

The NFL spin machine is fast at work doing its best to make it look like the investigation into the domestic violence allegations against Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has been long and arduous and absolutely had to take more than a year. Even though the criminal investigation ended in September with no charges, and even though Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was seen threatening the NFL’s top investigator , telling her, “Your bread and butter is going to get both of us thrown out on the street,” the NFL would have you think it’s just a coincidence that the usual NFL water carriers are signaling that the investigation is expected to end soon during the lowest points in the sports-media cycle.

But those victims didn’t ask for the NFL to do its own investigations they wanted it to not obstruct legitimate ones. Just like it always has, the newly woke NFL seems to expect special treatment all that’s changed is the favors they want. Before, they wanted investigations to go away. Now, they want every last detail of those investigations fed to them so they can do whatever public-relations spin they have to do. The NFL now thinks every prosecutor in America needs to cooperate with them beyond what’s in the public record on every single investigation of, not just domestic violence, but the entire personal conduct policy, which is so broad it covers just about anything a person does.