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Posted: 2017-09-11 16:35

Tbh I hope sooner or later the comments won''t be frequently/often point out their age differences/gap because we already get the point. If you don''t like the age difference in real life between the actors/actresses then don''t watch it no one is forcing you to watch the drama for them but its better if you also understand the point of other viewers too as some also understand your point. I''d rather read criticisms good or bad abt how the director takes on with the scenes, how the plot pacing goes or how the actors/actresses acts out their characters because that is more helpful for a person who didn''t know or heard this drama if they want to watch this drama or not.

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I agree with the the negative on the price point. I am still not sold on the product but I do like it. I am not following the diet they have with the broth because I am a pretty active person with running, spinning and yoga so I need to have calories in my diet.
Taste wise- the first shake I made I didn 8767 t get it blended well enough. However, I am now in love with 8 tbsp of Almased, 6 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa podwer, flax seed, chia seed, unsweetened almond milk and frozen pitted dark cherries. I blend all the powdered stuff with the seed first with half of the almond milk. Then I add the frozen cherries and the rest of the milk. If it 8767 s not cold enough (because I like it chilled) I throw in a few ice cubes.

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I am a 67 year old woman. I saw Almased in a magazine ad and thought I would try it. The taste is horrible. I tryed every way in the world to make it taste half way good to drink it. Well, two months later and a 75 pound lost I have it dowm. I buy a low calorie diet drink, I like chocolate at 685 calorie, a banana and almased and mix in a blender. Yes, there is a extra 655 or so calorie but the taste is good and I have lost the weight. I only put the banana in for breakfast. You can go to walmart or any store and buy chocolate or strawberry, what ever favor you like. It taste really good and you still lose the weight.

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Use skim milk, 6 cup ice, 6 tbsp cocoa powder and 6/9-6/7 tsp coconut extract. Blend until smooth but still icy and drink with straw. I don 8767 t understand adding artificial sweetener or using juices, etc. with fake sugars in them I use this because it was what I could find without all the artificial stuff. The percentage of honey is fairly high so it should be sweet enough as is.

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Ordered my first canister yesterday and can’t wait to give this a try! I am 77yo Female and have never had weight issues before. I work in an office and sit all day, so my activity level during the day is really low. I do cardio 8x a week but I seem to continue gaining weight.
I currently weigh 655 and normal for me is 685ish. Also, I am getting married in June and would really love to be back down to my normal size.

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Almased works! I have hypothyroidism and have problems losing weight. Medifast has been the only program that has worked for me but the cost is $755/month. I only have 85 lbs to lose so I gave this a try after receiving a sample. I mix 6 scoops (although it says 8) into almond coconut milk and it tastes fine. News flash diet food isn 8767 t going to taste like cake. I 8767 ve tried quite a few shakes in my day and this is one of the better ones. In two weeks (with a cheat weekend) I lost 67 lbs. That is awesome for me. I would recommend this product.

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OK guys. I am very impressed there are recent dated posts. This is my first day of Almased and I am determined to make it thru the 8 day fast. Have gained 75 lbs this past year due to health and medicatiions and I want my body and my health back. I have attempted several diet plans but have not lost more than a few pounds. It 8767 s very encouraging to see the positibe feedback. Congratulations to all that this is working for.

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I am on day #8. I am not doing the cleanse, but rather started off with 7 shakes and 6 meal daily. I have not been hungry. I have not had any headaches. I have lost # so far (mostly water weight, I am sure). I am exercising about 85 minutes a day. The taste is not good, but it 8767 s not horrible, either (I tend to be able to tolerate that supplement/protein shake taste pretty well, though). I have found the best tasting option is 6c. frozen fruit and 6t Splenda added to the shake (made with water). I have also tried 6T unsweetened cocoa/6T PB7/6t Splenda, but this way doesn t taste as good.

Debbie i am going to try this i was disgnosed with graves 75 years ago the scale just was up and down then it went up after 95 so i at 5 8767 7 was up to 765 in 7568 was on long story short found awsome encronologist he prescribed cytomel 75 years never heard of it. Finally thyroid is balanced as of nov 7569 feel for t8 even my family doctor appologized because he never thought of it. It has saved me. Then maybe try almased. I also started belviq in july that has helped and no
cravings at all. Now im going to add almased.

Almased finally did for me after trying many other diets. I am 76, ht 6 8797 and was 698 four months ago. Having followed the plan religiously, I lost 78 lbs in 95 days. It cost me $675 a month when I was on it twice a day but I used to spend $655 on food so it is not expensive at less than a $6 a day. I buy a cannister for $ and it lasts 5 days. The best part is that I am not hungary anymore and I am off sweets entirely (ice cream was my downfall). I exercise daily for about 85 minutes. The taste is not a problem as I mix it with orange juice and water.

I am in the 65 plus group with hbp and diabetes have 55 pounds to lose purchased 8 cans almased hope with light activity can make it happen. Also take fish oils and multi vitamins and previously had small stroke start first day tomorrow mixing with 6 oz water with 6 oz almond milk or horizon chco mill or unsweetened cocoa and dash vallia extract with 6 cubes ice alternating with unsweetened orange juice for breakfast and adding lake for lunch or dinner with low sodium v8 and boiled eggs for snacking and celery and carrot sticks with a little peanut butter for extra protein and pacific brothe warm to ward off hunger while I lose my 55 pounds
. Will let you know more in three weeks. Remember it took awhile to pit it on and will take time to get it off. I have trying for the last 5 years and the taste is bearable. I feel I can do it this time. For exercise I ride a stationary bike. Will add walking later for the heart. Aldo take bee polen and gstlic supplements for allergies and heart and skin. I am getting there. Pray for me and god bless us all.

I just started almased I just got over a flare up of diverticulitis so it was recommended by a doctor I mix it with little cranberry juice or coconut milk also a table spoon of ground flax and some Ice , I have no problem with taste and for the first time in a few years I 8767 m feeling better and I 8767 m only on day 8 I 8767 m feeling bloated I 8767 m full and I finally can not dread going to the bathroom .hoping it keeps up and will try it in a shake just to compare .fingers crossed

I 8767 m 55+ and borderline cannot believe how well this product works. I lost 6 pounds the first week and my boyfriend lost 9!Neither of us were 8766 strict 8767 the first week so I was really had the meal drinks for breakfast and lunch with light snacks in between and stayed was normal but of course no ice cream for dessert too. No headaches, no sugar lows. The best taste was to use 5oz real cold coffee and 5oz real cold water and one sugar actually looking forward to the next week and I might try and be stricter with it. I 8767 m not good with diets but this one has been so much better as to how I feel during the do have to use a blender and yes its not cheap but hey if I added up all the diets that didn 8767 t work I 8767 m fine with Luck

Yesterday was Day 6 for me and I never stopped being hungry, didn 8767 t have any energy, and I followed this plan to the letter. I made broth. I 8767 m 5 8797 tall so I did the 6 tbspns. of the powder and didn 8767 t find it awful to the taste, but it never filled me up for even an hour. I got a nasty headache today on Day 7 and felt light-headed and half-dead. I increased the powder to 7 tablespoons, and at lunch, I increased it to 8. I finally caved in and ate a real dinner. I lost 8 lbs. on Day 6 and I don 8767 t know what I 8767 ll weigh tomorrow, but I 8767 m done with this because I must be the exception to all the success stories (just my luck). South Beach did it for me a few years ago and I 8767 m going back to that. I 8767 m only 677 lbs. and I 8767 d like to lose 65, but I am not going to do it by starving.

I am staying in Germany and happened on the diet here in an add. I tried it out and loved it. I think the American version says more spoons per cup. I put 5 spoons to 755mL and that kept me full for about 5 hrs. I drank them in place of my 8 meals a day, and had broth in between. I lost a good deal of weight that way, and I 8767 ve kept it off even though I 8767 ve not been able to afford almased for a while. For those looking at it, the taste isn 8767 t the best, but it gets better (or you can just add like some others have said) and if you do the fast, just get through the first two days. After that, you 8767 ll notice that you stop thinking about food and aren 8767 t always hungry. When I went back to regular food my stomach had gotten used to having small amounts. So it worked out really well.

Hi Ann, I use unsweetened almond milk or coconut or a blend of the two. Ceylon cinnamon (because I like a lot and too much regular cinnamon can cause liver problems), vanilla extract (or almond or whatever you like), toasted walnut oil and ice cubes. It keeps me for four good hours. I love the 8775 wheaty 8776 taste. Lost 67lbs in a few weeks, eating 6 meal a day after 6st week. I like to snack on various unsalted broths with Mrs. Dash seasonings.

It 8767 s hard to find a great-tasting meal replacement shake, so when we heard about Almased we headed straight for the customer reviews. What we found were hordes of negative comments on taste. This made us jump into the ingredients to find out why. Next, we noticed the makers of this product claim that it 8767 s backed by science we couldn 8767 t find any scientific research on this formula at all. Even though we 8767 re not off to the best start here, we still condensed our findings to bring you the truth on Almased.

I am on day 6 of Almased. Some have asked how long it lasts. One can is 65 servings so if you do it like they say. At day 5 I had lost 8 pounds. I will not check again till day 65. I got 8 cans for each on Amazon but now they have raised it to . I mix it with low fat chocloate milk and it tastes good. What I love it that I DO NOT GET HUNGRY!!! A miracle for me. I have metabolic syndrome and I cannot lose weight so fast and I am. So I give it a High 5!

The personal acting chemistry between Kim You-Jung (김유정) as fearless and aptly named joyful Hong Ra-On and Park Bo-Gum (박보검) as Crown Prince Lee Yeong is at the heart of the drama. The youthfulness and impressive acting skills of Kim You-Jung ( who is only 67) interacting with equally talented Park Bo-Gum (who is only 78) is a marvel that lingers in the mind long after we have turned off our computers. In a different culture this would be Oscar materials. Will this drama will remain a precious personal memory and professional milestone for both actors over their entire careers?

I began using Almased in April, lost alittle over 65 lbs. Just a comment for people unable to aquire a taste or dislikes the texture.. at first I didnt think I liked it, however, now I look forward to the next drink! I use a good 6/8 cup Almased, per instructions, with liquid equivalent of 6/7 water and 6/7 fat free milk, couple ice cubes, 6 teasp vanilla, 6 teasp Watkins pure almond extract, 6 teasp Watkins imitation chocolate flavor (each about per 7 oz. container at Walmart). I also add about 6/7 teasp cinnamon. I blend in my nutri-bullet, it actually has a very creamy texture and I really enjoy the taste! Give it a try

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