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Posted: 2017-09-11 15:25

He called me last night but I didn 8767 t answer. He had the nerve to send a text this morning saying 8766 i hope it goes well this morning. I will be thinking of you x 8767 one kiss where it used to be three note..meaning he is feeling hard done by cos I dared to get upset at him. I replied that he is a selfish, hard hearted, uncaring b*** and not to contact me again. He replied 8766 sorry I have upset you x 8767 I replied and told him again not to contact me..

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Thanks for your replies.
At the moment I am feeling numb. I haven 8767 t heard from him but managed to get through the day at work. As far as I am concerned it is over but I have still have some of his things. I don 8767 t want to contact him at all about this how can I handle getting his things back to him? He doesn 8767 t live locally so I can 8767 t ask a friend to do it I have bagged everything up..

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Men have been socially conditioned into believing that they are entitled to a pretty, beautiful, or hot woman. This should be so obvious that it really should not be questioned. In human literature, beauty has been one of the key traits assigned to female love interests since Helen of Troy. There are countless works of fiction where an average or homely man ends up with a good looking woman. All this creates an expectation that men are entitled to a hot woman.

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Thanks so much, Matt this was a great follow-up to last week 8767 s video. I don 8767 t understand why women think it 8767 s up to the man to walk up to her and say something all the time or that if a man knows what he wants, he should just go after it. What about the part of the woman in all this business? If we fuss about not being seen as the strong beings that we are, why would the dating scenario be any different?

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Great video. I completely understand why men do not always feel comfortable enough to talk to women and I feel sad for women who don 8767 t understand that. I am at times terrified to go up to a man myself, because I don 8767 t want to get hurt, so it 8767 s logical for me that quite a lot of men have that same terrified feeling. Sure, I would like them to be a bit braver, but when I 8767 m not brave enough myself I can 8767 t blame them for being insecure and shy.

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Before you start, let me forestall the inevitable 8775 Great, so you don 8767 t have to be hot, you just have to be powerful/rich/more talented than God 8776 . There is far more to attraction than looks though they help or being in the rarified 6% of money, talent or fame. I have friends who aren 8767 t conventionally attractive, aren 8767 t especially rich and are certainly not powerful and yet have amazing girlfriends and wives. Why? Because they have lives. They have passion in their life and know how to convey it. They have the confidence and more importantly, balls. They can make women laugh, feel special without putting them on a pedestal and yet not come across as needy. And they 8767 re not the only ones out there.

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In terms of dating/marriage, in the olden days people did not necessarily marry for love! Women were the property of their families and husbands. Women had little say in who their partner would be, which was the experience of my grandmother. She didn 8767 t get to choose her husband because women weren 8767 t allowed to vote/own property/have their own money/etc Even now, in poor countries, women don 8767 t get to choose who their partner will be. So, as frustrated as you may be, think of every date as an opportunity where you get to choose, which is very empowering.


Just be aware of fashion, you don t have to be so aware you could host your own version of What Not To Wear. Have clean and maintained hair, you don t have to look like you got your hair done for a wedding (some of the cutest and best looking hair styles I ve seen have been on friends when we were 9 or 5 days into a week-long of camping and they just did something quick to keep their hair out of their eyes). Wear an outfit that makes sense within itself, you don t have to spend three hours agonizing over which accessory best goes with an outfit.

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It stands to reason that since women have all of the power when it comes to dating, they get to pick and choose from ALL THE MENZ so of course, the  only  men who get laid are alpha males with lantern jaws and six-pack abs. Everybody else the beta males, the socially awkward, the chubby, husky dudes, the symetrically challenged they 8767 re left holding the bag  and their dicks, crying impotent, sexless tears. Even goddamn Disney gets in on the act: the unspoken moral of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is 8775 You can have a beautiful soul and sing like an angel, but the cheerleader is still going home with the quarterback. 8776

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The biblical view of marriage and sexuality is under constant assault by the enemies of the Gospel. Yet, 7 Corinthians 65:5 tells us that Christians should &ldquo destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and to take every thought captive to obey Christ&rdquo . If we want to be faithful Christians, we cannot sit on the fence or be passive about this issue. All Christians should stand firm upon this biblical teaching.

by the way, I 8767 ve had male friends fall over themselves helping me to move, taking me to hospital etc. I get that they were probably just trying to impress me, but men do understand that doing this stuff is a sign of their serious intention towards you. The fact that he doesn 8767 t want to do it says a lot. It 8767 s like he 8767 s waving a sign saying 8775 Don 8767 t count on me 8776 .
And I say a clean break because so often I read posts where the 8775 break up 8776 didn 8767 t end anything, it was just the start of a whole new level of asshatery.

I know, it goes against all those beliefs about how women are the choosers and have their pick of men but the fact of the matter is, women suffer from the same insecurities, fears and imagined worst-case-scenarios men do. Think of how many times you 8767 ve looked over at a woman standing with all of her friends and wishing you could catch her alone so you wouldn 8767 t have to deal with the entire group? Guess what?  She 8767 s  feeling the same nervousness. Is she going to get mocked and shut down by your bros? Is that girl you 8767 re standing with your girlfriend or just someone you happen to know? Is she going to have to fight them for your attention? Are you going to just make fun of her when you consider yourself out of her league?

Hey Matthew what an awesome video! Love how you are always so passionate about helping people and showing kindness to those who gets all the complaints very classy! Makes me want to cuddle It 8767 s not about the men who gets complained about, it 8767 s really the women!! It 8767 s the law of attraction and what they radiate, they must attract!! They tend to talk crap about the guys but in actuality, it 8767 s all about them!! Keep doing what you do best and don 8767 t ever stop making me laugh

Seriously, there s not a woman I know in the area that isn t single and looking who doesn t complain that the dating market is weak because men they meet seem to either be gay, taken, of so massively misogynistic that they can t function around women and said women don t want to do all the work, and I know a lot of women working for Google, Facebook, Ubisoft, and other tech and video game companies in various roles never mind all the other professional fields that have high ratios of women.

Another reason why she may not be making the first move? Because you can tell a  lot about a guy by if and how he makes his approach. Does he have the confidence to walk up and make his interest known? Confidence after all is sexy indeed the guy who can 8767 t quite work up the guts to walk over and introduce himself isn 8767 t winning any favors by trying to call her over by sheer willpower. At the same time, she can generally be assure that someone who makes the point of coming over to talk to her is interested in her if she goes up to a guy to talk to him well, is it that he 8767 s genuinely interested, or is it that he 8767 s willing to run with the fact that someone came to him and any warm body will do?

The Nashville Statement in its bold declaration of truth is an expression of love and hope. More than just a declaration of biblical sexuality, the Nashville Statement goes on to affirm the transformative power and grace of God in salvation and sanctification. It speaks of forgiveness of sexual sins and the power of God to enable the believer to put to death their sinful desires and to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. The Nashville Statement ends with this declaration: &ldquo We affirm that Christ Jesus has come into the world to save sinners and that through Christ&rsquo s death and resurrection forgiveness of sins and eternal life are available to every person who repents of sin and trusts in Christ alone as Savior, Lord, and supreme treasure. We deny that the Lord&rsquo s arm is too short to save or that any sinner is beyond his reach&rdquo . 6 Or as the Apostle Paul taught:

I used to say my deal breakers were being hit or disrespected or cheated on, until one day I looked up and realized I was putting up with all that and worse. Not only was I not picking me, there seemed to be nothing he could do, no matter how disgusting, that I would not put up with. No more. I pick me. If I end up alone for the rest of my life, at least I will always have my best interests at heart.

Frankly, i would love to hear from a man who truly does not care whether a woman shaves her armpits, legs and/or cooch to prepubescent flawless smoothness, and THEN i will believe men 8775 don 8767 t care about all that stuff. 8776 I ASSURE you i do NOT spend all the money and time it takes to keep my legs shaved either for myself or for other women. When there is no man or potential man in the picture, i 8767 ll let that shit go as long as i want. And one of the best ways to get a guy to make a face of disgust is to show him a *gasp* unshorn pit that sends him screaming for the door. It 8767 s not just the makeup/hair/clothing, you realize. And no, shaving legs is NOT a function of simple hygiene. Unless MEN IN GENERAL are filthy. (Pits i MIGHT grant you, but then would point out that since most men fail to shave their pits, by the same logic men are unhygienic.)

Not true. We are raised to believe that the pretty and beautiful woman only goes for the hero. We have to earn her through extraordinary acts. And in the modern day we are raised to believe that she may not want us even then. In every one of those stories you read about the homely man getting the good looking woman, he had to go through some kind of adventure for her. Every last one of those stories.

That being said, most men don t even feel the need to follow the advice in your second paragraph. I have essentially never (overgeneralization alert!) seen a couple out in public where the man was better dressed and better groomed than the woman. Women may internalize dating failures far too much, but men frequently seem to underestimate how much more attention they might get if they wore something other than a junky t-shirt. (I ve often mused that I m cursed by the fact that the sex I m most sexually attracted to happens to be the one that, objectively, is far less attractive, if only because the men don t put effort into their appearances.)

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