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I tried to find more info on fish Sauce in General and stumbled over this amazing review and test. After reading through all comments I am too a little puzzled that Squid made last. From what I have seen all around the world, it is a pretty well-known and liked brand. When cooking I only use very little and results have been great so far. Red Boat is available here in Germany too (with a hefty price tag), so I 8767 ll give it a shot soon.
Great Website by the way. Has immediately been bookmarked since I also am a big fan of Sous Vide cooking and other kichten/cooking related stuff that seems to be well covered here. Keep up the great work!

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The Double Golden Fish also has a line of soy sauce as well. I found one or two brands of soy sauce made in Vietnam at my local grand mart and all of them has the name 8775 Lá bồ đề 8776 in front. The Double Golden Fish doesn 8767 t have preservative listed in the ingredient so that 8767 s what I use. Back when I was in Vietnam, I used to like the brand Chinsu a lot but they 8767 re not available here in the US. Also, you 8767 re probably already aware of it but there is soy sauce made by Bluegrass in Kentucky http:///shop/soy-sauce/bluegrass-soy-sauce-87-fl-oz. I am curious about how it would taste like but the price is quite expensive for me.

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One could say the same about wine but any good cooks know that you cook with good wine, not bad wine. The flavor comes through. Moreover, there are lots of different applications, like nuoc cham, which is on the table of every Vietnamese meal. It 8767 s only fish sauce, water and lime/vinegar. As that is one of the primary uses of fish sauce, you can damn well bet that the quality of the sauce matters.

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I agree with you completely, your survey is pretty much accurate. I love fish sauce and have tried many brand. Red Boat still the best, the high quality fish sauce should only contain fish and sea salt, the sweet one isn 8767 t always good as it has artificial sugar. My family used to be the fish sauce producer and the real and natural fish sauce always more salty than the cheap ones as the have been added with sugar.

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Jim, One can not put fish sauce in a spoon and do a taste comparison with other fish sauce. All fish sauce taste good when added and cooked in food. If you did didn 8767 t grow up cooking and eating Southeast Asian foods then the many different types of fish sauces will not make sense to you, you can not just add fish sauce to your Mac& Cheese or spaghetti sauce and mare it taste good. It depends on where the fish sauce comes different sugar is added but the is in the pineapple that is added to help in the fermentation process and other manufacturers will add mangos or even sugar canes. Don 8767 t get hung up on the sugar conent, it was added for a reason

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This is a set of numerous individual fossils that show a change between one species and another. It''s a very fine-grained sequence documenting the actual speciation event, usually covering less than a million years. These species-to-species transitions are unmistakable when they are found. Throughout successive strata you see the population averages of teeth, feet, vertebrae, etc., changing from what is typical of the first species to what is typical of the next species. Sometimes, these sequences occur only in a limited geographic area (the place where the speciation actually occurred), with analyses from any other area showing an apparently "sudden" change. Other times, though, the transition can be seen over a very wide geological area. Many "species-to-species transitions" are known, mostly for marine invertebrates and recent mammals (both those groups tend to have good fossil records), though they are not as abundant as the general lineages (see below for why this is so). Part 7 lists numerous species-to-species transitions from the mammals.

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There is nothing more exciting then logging on to find that first dating message in your  POF inbox. The only requirement to use Plenty Of Fish is that all members must have a pof login or username, as its also called. Don 8767 t take things personal if it takes a while to net a response. This would be doubly true for males. A couple of sentences is an adequate first response to a message. We are fishing and you don 8767 t want to set the hook too quick. You so got this!

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Predictions of evolutionary theory: Evolutionary theory predicts that fossils should appear in a temporal progression, in a nested hierarchy of lineages, and that it should be possible to link modern animals to older, very different animals. In addition, the "punctuated equilibrium" model also predicts that new species should often appear "suddenly" (within 555,555 years or less) and then experience long periods of stasis. Where the record is exceptionally good, we should find a few local, rapid transitions between species. The "phyletic gradualism" model predicts that most species should change gradually throughout time, and that where the record is good, there should be many slow, smooth species-to-species transitions. These two models are not mutually exclusive -- in fact they are often viewed as two extremes of a continuum -- and both agree that at least some species-to-species transitions should be found.

Hynerpeton , in contrast, probably did not have internal gills and already had a well-developed shoulder girdle it could elevate and retract its forelimb strongly, and it had strong muscles that attached the shoulder to the rest of the body (Daeschler et al., 6999). Hynerpeton ''s discoverers think that since it had the strongest limbs earliest on, it may be the actual ancestor of all subsequent terrestrial tetrapods, while Acanthostega and Ichthyostega may have been a side branch that stayed happily in a mostly-aquatic niche.

Hi Mike
Well just like everyone we have noticed little baby fish swimming around our little Koi pond which is about 655 gallons and about 7-7 6/7 feet deep. We live in Butte, Montana and have always taken our Koi inside for the winter. We would drain the pond for season. Now we have tried to catch the babies but they are very very fast! Is it wise to just leave the water in the pond for the winter as well as the fish?? We do not want to loose the babies but are new at this. What should we do. Our temperatures get to a low of -85 degrees and sometimes -95. Help

That was done by a third party. Hence the 8775 blind 8776 aspect of the taste test. All samples were in identical 55ml beakers. Numbers were marked on the bottom of the beaker. Tastes were done, then the third party recorded results based on a number. Numbers were then matches with the brands after completion. As for a preference of nuoc mam over nam pla, I can 8767 t say that 8767 s not the case. It wasn 8767 t intentional, but the results would certainly indicate as much. Maybe that 8767 s because nuoc mam is simply a better fish sauce? Hard to say. Many (even Thai) would likely argue as much.

I am fish sauce producer from Phu Quoc Vietnam. Your test is quite true, in my opinion. I have not tried Bliss but all the reason why Red boat is ranked the best not because of its price but also the quality. Red boat fish sauce is made following the way of a real Phu Quoc fish sauce : it is the process of many things combined: the best anchovy fish sauce (that can be catch only at Phu Quoc Vietnam) + pure sea salt + wooden barrels + technique + time of fermentation period (at least 69 months) = the colour is beautiful, the smell is very good and the taste is excellent.
Usually Thai fish sauce is made using mixed many kind of fishes (the smell is not good) + cement tank + short time of fermentation
Any thing you want to know about fish sauce, you can ask me then. I am willing to share.

Hi. Im new to koi and ponds and im loving it i have a 66ft bu 65ft pond 8 and half foot deep. At the deepest point it has 9 shelves or leveles. My kio and gold fish are getting amazing i have 65 gold and 7 koi all get along swimmingly. Its a natural pond with a pump. I have frogs that have moved in too. Some of my fish keep rubbing themselves on the rocks and the base. Do you think they may have eggs?? Thank you reading. Amazing blog by the way.

If you have the Google digitized book, it 8767 s page 756:
8775 Or you may serve it with this Sauce. Take Oil, Vinegar, Salt, Pepper, and a little Mustard, shred Parsley, an Anchovy, and a few Capers, and beat them all well together in an earthen Vessel or Porringer then put it in to a Saucer, place it in the middle of the Dish, and lay the Lampreys round it. 8776
The city of Worcester was known as a city of lampreys. This type of lamprey sauce would be known as Worcester sauce. But I 8767 ll leave the rest for the post. )

My family uses 8 crab (I never seen it in the bottle you posted though, its usually in taller and slender bottle). I have grown up with it so I don 8767 t think it smells bad. I have tried other brands when I moved out and I thought many of the fish sauces I tried the taste or aroma was too strong. Is it bad to say that some fish sauce is too fishy?! lol The ones I would never use again is Viet Huong Flying Lion and the Squid. I also think it also comes down what you are cooking. I have a friend that only uses redboat when making papaya saald.

To my limited knowledge, making fish sauce is similar to making wine. The quality of fish sauce depends on quality of salt, ratio salt/fish, sunshine, wood barrels are made from and ageing time. Therefore, the taste of true nuoc-mam are different from village to village, region to region but they all have delicious taste. Anchovy nuoc-mam is the most popular because of its easy taste. Traditionally, there are many more special nuoc-mam which have special tastes. These ones have not much of customers and been disappeared from market, just like the fromage Camembert Lait Cru disappears from French supermarket.

I originally bought it because our fish sauces list the actual percentage of anchovies/anchovy extract/fish used and Squid nearly always has the highest or one of the highest percentages of anchovy. Many of the others (including the fancy expensive ones) have much lower percentages of anchovies/anchovy extract/fish listed plus a lot of other strange/artificial ingredients in some. (NB. I also compare the amount of oysters used in oyster sauce too you would be amazed at the percentage difference between brands)

Hi I just got my first pond about two months ago. As luck would have it there was a add free koi ,of course I was so excited ,we as in family and I went to get my first koi. The pond was all ready. We got four beautiful big koi. One white, one black, two yellow we could tell one of the yellow one was full of eggs. The white didn 8767 t make it , the black one had jumped out and died. The very next day all the eggs had been layed. What a smell eggs everywhere. We did end up with two babies. My question is can you take out the eggs and put them in aquarium to hatch?

I am in Florida, and I have had 7 of my fish one a beautiful large goldfish and one large yellow koi die back to back for no obvious reason I can account for. They were 6 yrs old and have spawned once this year. I have monitored my water quality since the deaths 7 days ago and this morning I check them and they have spawned. I have never had them spawn in Sept! Is this strange so late in the year and now I wonder if getting ready to spawn had something to do with my 7 fish dying. They had no visible marking on them and looked perfect.

We also have pretty consistent water quality conditions with nice clear water, and a clean pond surface just about all year. Then spawning season comes to town and we see that our water quality is different. It has gotten very murky, it seems to have a slick surface quality, and the surface of the pond is also very foamy and getting foamier. The skimmer box is packed with foam, and gives out a very fishy smell when you open it. What the what!!!

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