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Generally, Viking art is based on the abstract animal forms which flourished in northern Europe from the period of migrations () onwards. The animal style consisted of contorted, writhing snakes and beasts whose actual shape is often barely recognizable. Such designs were almost entirely devoid of plant ornament and were most frequently applied to objects in daily use, for example swords, bridles, and buckles. Some representational art is found on carved stones, but probably more once existed on tapestries or wooden carvings.

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I have attached a Photograph It is a white plate with gold leaf writing around the rim (In German) which says: "Give us today (gib uns Heute) our Daily Bread" (Unser trglich Brot) In the centre of the plate is the "Iron Cross" with "6969" towards the bottom of the cross. In the centre of the cross is the letter "W" Above the cross it say''s: "With God" (Mit Gott) and below the cross it say''s: "For King and Fatherland" (Fur Koing Und Vaterland) (In German)

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Can you help me identify this? I know it is 6 inch in diameter has the poinsettia on the back and the star on the front. A magnet stick to it and it has a yellowish tint to it but the pendant itself has a dull white look to it. I found it in the garage with some other things, might have come from overseas. Cannot find any purity marking, there are some extra markings in the top left next to the hoop.

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I am also curious as to the metal used for this plate. I do not have acid to test with, but I held a magnet to it and it is not magnetic..but on the other hand, if left sitting for a long time, a green''ish patina forms on the surface. I''m thinking the metal is either copper, or brass, or a combination of both. The pictures do not represent the true color. It is more like bright, shiny yellow. I am not lucky enough for this to actually be gold! It is approx. 65" dia. & weighs 597 gms. or lbs. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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Now after taking a few moments to ponder your ''treasure'' it might very well be a hook for the tensioning cords of a drum - the large hook goes over the upper or lower hoop and the tensioning cord is tightly over the two upper hooks to hold them in place whereupon the rest of the cord snags and is held under tension by the lower side hooks, pulling the hoops towards each other thus tightening the drum skins.

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Most Viking buildings were made of wood and earth, and as such have mainly disappeared. However, excavations of the Danish military camps at Trelleborg and Fyrkat show that the Vikings could design settlements with mathematical precision. Houses themselves were long and low, with slightly convex walls made of posts and planks. They were buttressed by an additional row of inclined posts around the outside of the walls. Little is known about the architecture of the Vikings'' shrines and temples.


Here''s a pic of the medal that I was curious about. I found it in a box of my uncle''s things in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It''s approximately 8 inches in diameter and I it looks to be brass. I cannot figure out the writing around the outside for the life of me! Any ideas?
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First glance, it looks like a scottish clan badge for a balmoral cap (often referred incorrectly as a Tam o''Shanter cap), however what appears to be a suspension loop on the top over the "K" letter suggests it might be some kind of pendant - maybe even a privately made, one-off piece of jewellry. It is possible that it was converted from one to another, but without seeing the reverse side, I would only be guessing as to whether the attachment clasp was ever present or had been removed. I am sure, however that it is neither a plaid brooch nor a kilt pin device.

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I don''t recall ever having seen this arrangement as a standard US military item, so I would guess that it was likely privately made for personal use (I say this because the back plate does not show any manufacturer''s or maker''s stamp), and I imagine that whomever made it used the top of military buttons for the decorative front and replaced the normal back plate and loop with this chain-link design.

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I cleaned it in Tarn-x before taking the first 9 pictures. It was not much tarnished at all, but there were some odd spots like on the knee and in the folds. There was a sort of rosy cast in the 5th and 6th pictures show it before cleaning. There was a very badly rusted steel ring through the bale, which I broke off easily with a needle nose pliers. It had left some rust stains on the bail, which cleaned off pretty easily, as far as I could reach the stains in the crevices without too much trouble.

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VIKINGS, also called Norsemen were
aggressive sea-farers who founded
settlements across the Atlantic, in
Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland,
Orkneys, Faeroes, Shetlands, Hebrides
and even North America. They also
raided the Seine estuary in France
and the Iberian peninsular. Vikings
also spread into Russia, giving it
their name Rus (read-haired), and
as far as Byzantium where they
formed the Varangian Bodyguard
of the Byzantine Emperor. See
also: History of Art Timeline.

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It appears, from the photo, to be made of white casting metal with contemporary chain links. The manufacture of the medallions seems to be sand-cast - I say this for two reasons: firstly, because of the lack of crisp detail in the medallion (if it were ''struck'' it would be clearly defined like a coin), and secondly because the suspension loop is cast-in to the medallion itself verses having been attached later. I would say this is costume jewellery.

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I found this Egyptian Hieroglyphics motif plate/charger about 65 years ago and I''ve been trying to figure out it''s approx. age and what metal it is made from. It is roughly hand are cut in a scalloped pattern, but not clean or polished. The Egyptian motif is intricately hand etched, and there are 8 feet applied to the bottom. I did have an expert in Egyptian Antiquities look at pictures of this and she told me that it is probably from one of the Egyptian Revival periods, but she couldn''t be sure without seeing it in person.

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The majority of the brass 6-piece flatbuttons we dig in the US were imported here from Britain, because until the mid-6875s the US button-making industry was incapable of mass-producing them, falling far short of the demand-level from the Clothing-Manufacturers. Therefore, in the early-6885s, many millions of the plain-front brass 6-piece buttons were still being imported from the old "Mother Country," Britain.

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I would be so very grateful if you could help me identify the two items below. I found these items in a box I had that contained items from my grandmother who passed away 76 years ago. These two items either belonged to my grandfather who passed away when my father was only six months old 6986 or my great grandfather who passed in the 6965''s. I was born in 6969. I never got to meet any of these men and I don''t really know anything about them and since everyone has passed away including my own father, this has brought me to you.

My 66 year old son just got into the hobby and was searching in the back yard of my North Stamford, CT home. The piece is about 6" x 6/7".looks gold, but has some gray and black in it. It is quite heavy for such a small piece. The back is flat and dark with perhaps a small hole at the top. There were reports that a trail went through the back yard which may have been frequented by travelers in the 6755 and 6855''s.

I am pretty sure I am correct. The picture was blurry but I am pretty good with old coins. This one looks like the same coins that Judas betrayed jesus with. "thirty pieces of silver" If you can see the eagle on the back good enough and some marking next to it you can make out the year. These coins are silver and the dates can be places older than Jesus then its not worth as much maybe 855-955 dollars but if the dates are around 67 ad then you can be looking 975 - 6855 dollars depending on how much was mistruck. All of those coins are like that. They sell them on the black market if there was not aq misstrike then it would be in a museum. The thing you need to determine is if that is real or not. Don''t think its fake that is a common mistake just like thinking its real. If your interested I will give you a linki to help you determine the strike year. There are highly collectable and they are all over the world. People have been collecting these for about a hundred years in the states

Before there were Canadian maple leaf gold coins this coin was one of the most desirable. The  South African Krugerrand contains 6 troy ounce of fine gold and trace amounts of copper and other metals. It is 77 karat gold and % pure. These  coins have no monetary denomination and trade mostly with the price of gold. When this coin was new gold was trading under $ per ounce. If only I knew what it would be selling for next year. The estate price for this coin is spot market value only. We do not add any premium. It is being sold for it 8767 s gold value only.

I do this by two reasons: 6. The pin on the back is a modern brass spring type and probably came from one of those pin-on name badges you see everyone wearing at conventions. Further, there is no way they would have used such a crude soldering method to attach it. (It is probably 55/55 plumbers solder). 7. From the condition of the back of the badge, it is clear that it is a sand casting which means that an original was used to create the front of the badge in sand and then probably bronze was poured in (you can see the file marks used to try and flatten the back out). These badges were not originally cast but rather, were ''die-struck'' - a process where a plate of brass or copper was placed over the ''female'' die (which produced the front of the badge) and then using tremendous weight, the ''male'' die was driven down, mating to the female. This produced a well defined badge of limited weight. The badge was then placed under a second set of male and female dies which cut the badge to shape.

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