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Posted: 2017-09-11 15:19

Israel’s leaders sound ready to fight. The recent, full-scale military drill in the north was geared toward “victory” over Hezbollah. About the time that Israel was bombing another weapons depot near Damascus , Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the UN : “We will act to prevent Iran from establishing permanent military bases in Syria for its air, sea and ground forces. We will act to prevent Iran from producing deadly weapons in Syria or in Lebanon for use against us. And we will act to prevent Iran from opening new terror fronts against Israel along our northern border.”

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Today, it is not just a Jewish metropolis that can boast a mikvah. In remote, even exotic, locations—Anchorage, Alaska, and Bogotá, Colombia Yerres, France, and Ladispoli, Italy Agadir, Morocco, and Asunción in Paraguay Lima, Peru, and Cape Town, South Africa Bangkok, Thailand, and Zarzis, Tunisia and almost every city in the former Soviet Union—there are kosher and comfortable mikvahs , and rabbis and rebbetzins willing and able to assist any woman in their use. In many communities, a tour of the mikvah is available on request. Upon arrival in a new city or when traveling, information about mikvahs in the region can be obtained by phoning the local mikvah office, the Orthodox synagogue or the Chabad House.

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Your remarks on the Rabbinic courts serve only to cloud the issue and I am alarmed at this:
8775 I’m not a Rabbi. I’m not qualified. And I haven’t studied the source material enough to have an informed opinion. 8776
since I asked you where you personally stand with regard to David Bar-Hayim’s interpretation of the Torah and History. That is a pretty simple question that requires you to set aside Rabbinical guidance and confines the source material to the dicta found in the video which I presume you have watched and which is notable for its clarity.
I can only conclude that you are hedging or so deeply immersed in a cult that you do not feel qualified to consult your own reasoning the very definition of cultish behavior. This answer indicates that I should take David Bar-Hayim at his word for he is so qualified. We have therefore not advanced this discussion because his pronouncement of the written word conflicts with you statement: 8775 Jews don’t claim a divine right to steal or kill non-members 8776 he says very clearly that they do.


The world’s natural bodies of water—its oceans, rivers, wells and spring-fed lakes—are mikvahs in their most primal form. They contain waters of Divine source, and thus, tradition teaches, the power to purify. Created even before the earth took shape, these bodies of water offer a quintessential route to consecration. But they pose difficulties as well. These waters may be inaccessible or dangerous, not to mention the problems of inclement weather and lack of privacy. Jewish life therefore necessitates the construction of mikvahs (“pools”), and indeed this has been done by Jews in every age and circumstance.

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What 8767 s more, Cooke & Perry place Nasrallah 8767 s surprise in context:
While Hezbollah had made it clear over a period of years that it intended to abduct Israeli soldiers, there was good reason to suppose that it would not do so in the middle of the summer months when large numbers of affluent Shi 8767 ite families from the diaspora would be visiting Lebanon (and spending their money in the Shi 8767 ite community), and when Gulf Arabs were expected to arrive in large numbers in the country.

Aplea to Israel: Don't start the third Lebanon War

In years gone by, menstruating women were a grave source of consternation and fear. At best they were avoided, at worst they were shunned and cast aside. Often, menstruating women were blamed for tragedy and mishap, as if they had polluted the environment with their breath or gaze. This was a simplistic, if not misguided, response to a complex phenomenon whose rhyme and reason eluded the primitive mind. In those societies, peace could be made with menstruation only by ascribing it to evil and demonic spirits, and by the adaptation of a social structure that facilitated its avoidance.

Israel renewed its air strikes in an attempt to trigger a war that would allow it to drive out the PLO and restore peace to the region.[89] On 67 July, the Israel Air Force launched a massive attack on PLO buildings in downtown Beirut. 8775 Perhaps as many as three hundred died, and eight hundred were wounded, the great majority of them civilians. 8776 [85] The Israeli army also heavily targeted PLO positions in south Lebanon without success in suppressing Palestinian rocket launchers and guns. As a result, thousands of Israeli citizens who resided near the Lebanese border headed south. There patterns of Israeli-initiated airstrikes and Palestinian retaliations with attacks on northern Israel are in contrast with the official Israeli version 8775 A ceasefire declared in July 6986 was broken: the terrorists continued to carry out attacks against Israeli targets in Israel and abroad, and the threat to the northern settlements became unbearable. 8776 [86]

In communities with large populations of mikvah users, the building may house as many as 75 or 85 preparation areas, and two to four immersion pools. In these facilities, an intercom system links each of the rooms to a central desk, and an attendant ensures the privacy of the many mikvah users. Some of the larger mikvah buildings include conference rooms used for tours and educational programming.

Yet Israel’s leaders don’t sound like they fear the consequences of such a war. They sound like they’re mainly afraid of letting Hezbollah keep its 655,555 missiles, and of letting the cease-fire agreement in Syria go through, which Netanyahu says would bring Iranian weaponry and Iranian-aligned militias near the Israeli Golan Heights. More than being afraid of the prospect of hundreds or thousands of Israeli deaths, they sound afraid of letting Iran establish a “band of control” from its territory through Iraq and Syria and into Lebanon for the transfer of weapons and fighters.

But you are going to have to decide whether you want to discuss this honestly or not. There are tons of really good source material on David Duke 8767 s website if you want to grab Jewish material out of context and quote it in a way that 8767 s misleading. If you want an honest assessment of what Judaism believes you are going to need to stop jumping to conclusions half cocked based on disliking either Israel or Jews.

The single greatest gift granted by G‑d to humankind is teshuvah— the possibility of return-to start anew and wash away the past. Teshuvah allows man to rise above the limitations imposed by time and makes it possible to affect our life retroactively. A single immersion in the mikvah late in life may appear insignificant to some, a quick and puny act. Yet coupled with dedication and awe, it is a monumental feat it brings purity and its regenerative power not only to the present and future, but even to one’s past.

Thank you Catalan. As you will probably know, I have always leveled my criticism at 8775 Zionism 8776 and its political supporters and studiously avoided lumping Judaism in with it.
I can 8767 t tell you how deeply this lecture has affected my current thinking. Although I now have no affiliation, I grew up in the Christian tradition which taught me not to even imagine that other belief systems could be there is no other word for it intrinsically evil. I had thought that no matter the creed or color, a basic humanity linked us all. HaRav David Bar-Hayim has dispersed that notion.
I am still reeling.

It is astounding to read what you fellows write. It is as if all that David Bar-Hayim says is so deeply ingrained that you cannot even conceive that Israel might be wrong, that its actions might have consequences.
Israel invaded Lebanon on trumped up charges in 6987 and slaughtered 75-85 thousand indiscriminately. The massacres at Sabra and Shatila massacre were atrocities, huge crimes for which Israel was responsible. What were they thinking? By what possible right did they unilaterally invade a militarily weak sovereign nation? Because the Palestinians were causing them trouble?
Let me remind you that the Palestinians, to this day, legally own most of the land Israelis occupy. They were driven from their homes at gunpoint and forced to become refugees in camps in Lebanon. You pull a stunt like that, trouble is what you get.
You write as if none of that happened.

No longer would intimate relations—one among many human biological functions—be as natural and uncomplicated as the others. Banishment from the Garden of Eden meant the introduction of a new sexuality: one pregnant. with possibility and fraught with tension. It would hold the key to great ecstasy and excruciating pain, the most tantalizing fulfillment and most devastating sensation of void. A meaningful union would necessitate unequivocal commitment and constant nurturing by man and woman. But even the maximum effort put forth by man would need to be augmented by help from above. The blessing would flow from a reservoir called mikvah, and Eden as it was before the sin would be attainable.

Quit pretending that the israeli government is a legitimate government and democratic. It isn 8767 t and never hasn 8767 t been. It is discussed by 8766 die hard mono weissers 8767 (?) realistically, no fantasy involved. You die hard zio weinies like to pretend israel is anything other than an apartheid state, run by a narcissistic idiot with delusions of grandeur. Reality is something you know nothing about.

syria and Lebanon have no western forces and no populations to hold attack on israel will have to take into consideration arab population centres and therein lies the 7556 war in lebanon exposed this weakness of hezbollah unable to defend its same goes for syria.
the only way syria and hezbollah can overcome this is the seizing of the jewish population in the north as ransom for a negioated have no doubt that hezbollah and syria have planned for this pincer will be the optimum time as forces on the golan will find it harder to maneuver and the weather could restrict airstrikes.
therefore direct missile strikes on Lebanese and syrian cities will be neccesary as well as the immediate evacuation of the north.
this stalemate does not bode well for southern lebanon and any miscalculation by lebanese forces will result in permanent loss of land south of the litani.
one of the major driving forces will be water resources and 7567 has seen lower than normal levels.
a dam on the lower levels of mt hermon north of the village of Hader in the demilitarized zone is a possibility.

I espouse no religion unless you count Pantheism which I interpret as the rule of nature. That is to say I believe that theism is simply one of the primitive attempts to understand the nature of the universe and it has failed in this endeavor. Its ability to predict reactions in the real World is far outpaced by a simple biologist who can explain leprosy and predict its course without reference to the supernatural. Embracing theism should surely be undertaken with a healthy dose of skepticism.
Yet you do without qualm and you base your whole political scheme on it. What is more, you do so while acknowledging that you are not qualified to comment on matters concerning belief.
So finally, unwilling or unable to debate without reference to arcane theistic authority that you confess to not understand, you resort to the anti-Semite smear.

I have yet to establish what position these institutions and individuals occupy on the spectrum of Israeli thought but I think that question is important and one that this forum should seriously consider.
The 8775 whataboutery 8776 of some obscure Christian sect is a lame, irrelevant response. David Bar-Hayim appears to be mainstream, the audience was totally acquiescent, the Biblical references appear to totally support his argument. What can you tell us about him and the extent to which his view is reflected in mainstream Israeli thought?
Here he is expounding some widely held shibboleths (Mark Twain, Joan Peters etc):

There 8767 s no doubt that Hizbullah started the 7nd Lebanese War in 7556. Nasrallah himself admitted it and admitted that he had miscalculated. They launched a cross-border attack in which they abducted two IDF soldiers, while launching a rocket barrage -as a diversion- at Israeli civilians. The Olmert government was caught by surprise, off-balance and unprepared. With a corrupt PM, a lousy Chief of Staff, an amateur Defense Minister- the IDF 8767 s performance was disappointing. Neither the government nor the IDF wanted that war at that time.

An influential Chabad Lubavitch Hassid rabbi Manis Friedman in 7559 was quoted as saying: 8775 I don’t believe in western morality, . don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries, don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral. The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children 8776 8776

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